A week has passed since the fire in Peretshofen. All the injured have now been discharged from the hospital. The cause of the fire, the police evaluates more tracks.

Dietramszell – Dramatic scenes played out recently in the case of a roof fire in Peretshofen: On the run from the flames, three of the eleven occupants jumped out of the window. They came with injuries to the hospital. All night long goods helper in use. The resulting property damage is 150. 000 Euro appreciated, as we reported. Since the incident, it’s been a week.

fire in Peretshofen: Affected first came to Geretsried

in the night of the accident Concerned was initially found shelter in a community accommodation in the Geretsrieder Jahn road, reported the dietram Zeller, mayor Josef Hauser. “The Geretsrieder police has discussed with the government of upper Bavaria, where the people are coming on Fast.”

A day after the fire, the town hall, the chief himself made a picture from the scene of the incident. “The roof was working by the fire partially covered. It is clearly seen that there is first of all no one can live,“ says Hauser. “I was shocked by something.” The agricultural estate, which was used as a residence, must be rehabilitated according to the city hall chief is now complete. “This will take”, he feared.

+ Josef Hauser, dietram Zeller mayor

Whether the family return in the building, was completely open. “You don’t know what the owners of the projects to the refurbishment of the property.” The Affected did not live to the mayor, according to a still too long in Peretshofen.

Hauser estimates the material damage for the family is not too high: All of the furniture were already at the feeder in the building. “I’m going to assume that people could at least save a part of your belongings and Good.”

one Of them is the mayor, in spite of the tragic fire is not tired to underline: He is glad that the fire “nothing worse” happened. “A fire in the middle of the night, this could have all turned out differently,” he says.

All the injured from the hospital

But how to do it, the eleven-member family for a week after the accident? For more information Wolfratshausen the Landratsamt Bad Tölz -: “The Affected, it is doing well under the circumstances,” confirmed a spokesperson Sabine Schmid. After the three Hurt were dismissed in the course of the week from the hospital.

“On Friday, the last Person from the hospital,” says Schmid. Now a move is imminent for the Affected once. Schmid: “residents in an apartment to Lenggries. They will stay there for the time being.“

After the fire, the criminal investigation Department took over because the home, the investigation into the cause of the fire. There are now news: “We conclude that a fire accelerant was used,” says Carolin high sense, the press spokeswoman of the police headquarters of upper Bavaria.

police: No evidence of “intentional Events”

“What sparked fire in the end, we don’t know yet.” But as Yet there was “no evidence of an intent to Happen.” To find an answer to, from the forensics more tracks from the scene of the incident. High point: “The police are investigating further in all directions.”