Since the enlargement of the Central German transport Association (MDV) on 15. December 2019, was the App-no more purchasing of a sudden in the newly added territory of MDV-North between Bitterfeld and Zerbst possible. Who wanted to drive from Dessau to Leipzig or from Bitterfeld to Halle, was not able to book the Tickets via the App DB Navigator or on and conveniently by direct debit or Paypal service to pay.

Originally, the function should have been in Apil will be available

for half A year, the tickets for the S-Bahn just at the counter, at ATMs, or on the completely outdated App easyGO book, the settlement not only allows the cell phone bill and to buy it thus, especially for business travelers, enormously complicated, Tickets

Originally, you had promised in the MDV, the function on the DB-channels should already be in April again available: “In the implementation, there were technical difficulties, so that the Integration is delayed,” – said in a short Statement. This should be starting on Sunday but for the whole of the MDV-area Tickets. In Halle or Leipzig, this was not, in fact, also for many years on the web-App or possible. (mz)

*The post “tickets for S-Bahn: MDV-Tickets can now be on DB-App” will be published by the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. Contact with the executives here.

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