help came too late: In Denklingen a motorcycle driver is killed. The man was in collided with a tank truck.

came To a fatal accident on Friday (26. June) in Denklingen. A motorcycle driver died at the scene of the accident. Now the police will announce further Details to the accident.

Update, 28. June, 14.15 PM: The police tells more Details about the deadly accident at denklingen . In the case of the motorcyclists , who was killed in the accident, is a 55-year-old man from Schongau. He came on Friday (26. June) around 14: 30 in a slight curve to the right too far to the left and collided sideways with an oncoming tank truck .

According to a disinterested witness to the Truck driver tried a 56-year-old from Mindelheim, yet so far to the right as possible to Dodge. After the motorcyclists on the left side of the tank truck “was scraping along,” he was thrown to the right in the road ditch. Already at the Arrival of a this kind of doctor to accident the motorcycle driver succumbed to his injuries.

The clarification of the Accident circumstances was considered an expert. The total damage amounts to over EUR 10,000.

In Denklingen: motorcycle driver collided with a Truck and dies – pictures from the deployment point