The 9027 candidates achieved a grade point average of 2.36. The school authority announced on Friday. For comparison: In the past ten years, the average grade was between a 2.42 and 2.48 – without Virus limitations, mind you.

Corona in Hamburg: high-school graduates less

distracted, “Obviously, the preparation of the students was also claimed at the time of the distance education and training better than for a long time,” says school Senator Ties Rabe (SPD). In addition, it had paid off, obviously that a number of students, the preparation time had been extended.

“From parents letters stating that some of the pupils have certainly benefited also the fact that it was during the Corona-related Lockdowns, fewer leisure activities, and recreation possibilities,” said Rabe. Click here to go to My Hamburg Hamburg here

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Corona high school not to repeat itself in Hamburg

Despite that, he wishes for the future that such a graduation will not be repeated again. The crisis has taken parents, students and teachers, after all, for months, all the nerves were temporarily blank. However, not only the high school graduates at the end of a happy ending.

“Contrary to the fears of the parent chamber, the number of students who need to leave the school at the end of class 6 is significantly lower than in the last few years,” said Raven.

in Spite of Corona: Less students in Hamburg abgeschult

in the past few years, each of between 920 and 1050, it is this time only 837. “This also shows that the teachers have taken into account the special learning conditions in the corona time at the grading,” says the Senator. In retrospect, would not have come true fear of the parents ‘ chamber, that there are more than 4000 students would have to be abgeschult, very clear.

The school Board wants to analyze the results of the school year in the next few months in more detail. For the weekend: storms intensify – here are the Thunderstorm on the most violent PCP Up for the weekend: storms intensify – here are the Thunderstorm on the most violent

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