anyone Who adheres to the applicable precautions, is protected in the Corona-crisis to a large extent. So we thought so far. However, the Virus seems to be able to also over distances to be transmitted.

The Corona-crisis* has changed the way of people to each other fundamentally. New studies suggest, however, that some protective measures are useless. Because the Virus SARS-CoV-2 transfers seems to be also on the so-called aerosols. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Munich super spreader represent an immense danger for the humanity. Because this is the term people are described, which infect a large number of people with a disease . How about now Covid-19. Of course they do in most cases not intentionally – mostly, the infection is simply not known. But this super frustrate spreader also all measures to contain the current pandemic. And in this context, as a Holy reproduction number back in the height fast.

A super-spreader case in the United States has directed the science, now for the exploration of SARS-CoV-2* in a new direction and a serious knowledge revealed. Accordingly, the novel Virus is transmitted not only by droplets, but also about aerosols . Which is much to tackle more and more difficult. That a Transmission via aerosols could be possible, is not entirely new. Previously, there were studies which pointed in this direction. But so far, the means of transmission is not confirmed. The Robert-Koch-Institut, writes on its Homepage to aerosols in conclusion: “Even if a final assessment at this time is difficult, the previous studies that SARS-CoV-2 viruses can be transmitted via aerosols in the social use.”

Coronavirus-Transmission by aerosols, the Almost complete chorus group infected when Singing

But first, back to the concrete case, in the state of Washington. There is a choir group-even then, under Corona – related safety precautions* met at the beginning of March . There were no warm greetings, disinfectant* were available to all members, the distance rules have been complied with.

Nevertheless, to all appearances, 53 of 61 attendees at Covid-19 patients in a row . 33 Tests on hit, 20 further symptoms* showed. Three people even had to be treated in hospital, for two of them, help came too late. This chain of infection was raised by a single choir member wore during the common singing of the Virus.

read: In March, handle the Coronavirus in Germany, so right to. However, already in January there were the first cases. Such a study goes on the trail – and shows how the Coronavirus from Patient 0 in the Germany could spread.

Coronavirus-Transmission by aerosols: a Distance is not enough to protect from

According to der Spiegel, a similar case occurred in the Berlin Domkantorei. 80 choral singers, more than 30 of them were infected met . The most important caution were strictly the measures have been complied with.

These experiences have ultimately left only one conclusion: The novel Coronavirus is not distributed when you Sneeze, cough, or Speak only by droplets, but also by the already-mentioned aerosols. These keep much longer in the air, making the Distance just not sufficient to protect against infection* would be more.

Coronavirus-Transmission by aerosols: a US study apparently Aerosol distribution due to Speak

To a U.S. study. In these languages, subjects in a closed room, 25 seconds, the phrase “Stay healthy” – so “Stay healthy” – in front of him. Especially the “th” in the second word was considered as good benchmark, since the debate call on many of the droplets produced . The result of the test: extrapolated to a Minute would be in enclosed spaces when you Speak, more than 1000 virus droplets contaminated free that would last longer than eight minutes in the air.

According to the Aerobiologen Donald Milton even a simple Breath could be enough to distribute aerosols in the air. The expert for infectious diseases, tested with his Team, the output of subjects with influenza symptoms and came to the conclusion: “you didn’t have to cough, viruses eject.” However, it is not clear whether these released aerosols could cause a contagion out.

+ experimental set-up: A US study came to the aerosols on the trace.©AFP / MANUELA BUONA NNE

Coronavirus-Transmission by aerosols: RKI sees dependence of the volume when you Speak

The Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) describes the aerosols as droplet nuclei that are smaller than five microns. So invisible to the human eye. The experts refer to a “study with experimentally induced with SARS-CoV-2-virus-enriched aerosols,” in which “are capable of propagation viruses for up to three hours undetectable ” rest. This “artificial mechanical aerosol production” is different, however, fundamentally different from human emissions.

studies have shown, however, that aerosols “Speak in normal, and depending on the volume of” free set and the Virus could be transmitted. The RKI is called as an example of a spread to Sing in the group. A final assessment, however, is still difficult.

by the way: In another study, researchers from the RKI has dealt with the question of whether an Infected person can be the Coronavirus is already transferred to others before he shows the first symptoms. The scientists ‘ conclusions are sobering.

Coronavirus-Transmission by aerosols: Under the open sky, this is forearmed

think of The virologist Christian Drosten* is emphasized in the SZ, however: “I, one needs to assume that Aerosol Transmission .” The Coronavirus expert refers to the results from Hong Kong: more than half of the people who resigned viruses in aerosols to .

The conclusion: life should be more and more shifted to the outside. Because under the open sky applies: “The blowing out, anyway, which is spread via Aerosol Transmission.” Alternatively, the window should be ripped , to ensure a circulation of air.

+ of a Virus Transmission by aerosols: Christian Drosten is a virologist at Berlin’s Charité hospital.©dpa / Michael Kappeler

On top of all developments in connection with the Corona pandemic in Germany, we have reported in our News Ticker. Also on the political decisions we keep you up to date. What new study has been launched to the Coronavirus, the Robert-Koch Institute recently, and how they should be read also*.

How long am I contagious if I have the Coronavirus? On this question a study may provide the answer.

It comes meanwhile, more and more demonstrations of opponents of the restrictions. So the conspiracy theorists* are booming. The policy flashes up with a vaccine requirement in the pharmaceutical industry – this is called at the same time, a fundamental Problem.

The meat industry device in the Corona of a crisis, under pressure, a CSU-politician, a price increase in calls.

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