For the rats, which swarm by the millions in the streets of New York, the confinement has lasted too long. In some areas of the city of New York, the restaurants, closed for several weeks, have, for ages, their main source of food, so that they are now millions have to walk the streets, aggressive, and hungry.

In an article in the New York Times, relayed by International Mail, the scientists express their concern. “The rats are not in the process of becoming aggressive towards people, but between them, explains the rodontologue (specialist in rodents) Bobby Corrigan. They are at war with each other, fighting each other for the food they can find and sometimes go up to eat the specimens in the youngest. “

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The rats living in the neighborhoods where the restaurants are more numerous, have developed in total dependence of the garbage deposited by the institutions, denouncing at night the horns of plenty that are, for them, the garbage bags left outside. According to Bobby Corrigan, those of the more residential neighborhoods, themselves, have probably noticed anything “, but this could change.

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hordes of rats seen in the full light of day

For a few weeks, unusual behaviours have been observed in rats, who just happens now to sacrifice discretion in favor of an opportunity to feed. As well the professionals of the rat have observed the rats to the outside in the middle of the day and in houses where they had never been seen.

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The Centre for the control and prevention of diseases (CDC) has been forced to publish an article about good practices to guard against possible invasion. This is ” the butcher all access to its housing, remove debris, to keep its garbage in garbage cans tightly sealed and remove food for animals and birds of course “. Such boards have also been needed in New Orleans, where hordes of rats have been observed in the street in the middle of the day, or even in Chicago. In New York, but also in Washington, it is even advisable to closely monitor the engine of his car, riddled with cables whose love rats for teeth.

The contact is more marked in rats with inhabitants representing a true problem of public health, rats can transmit to humans a group of diseases. The specialists are still optimistic about the rapid improvement of the situation at the end of the containment and the re-opening of the restaurants.

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