A small sail-boat had been captured at about 10: 30 p.m. departure from the Hetlinger to the port by a strong gust of wind and overturned.

The experienced Skipper of the one-handed-sailing-boat could dive to the happiness independently under the in chartered a boat through, and a little later by the alert forces of the voluntary fire brigade was Hetlingen intact pulled from the water.

more Complex than the rescue of the skipper of the salvage of the boat was because the Mast was wedged in the Elbschlick. In the end, it succeeded the comrades of the volunteer fire Department and the DLRG from Wedel, who had come with a total of four boats to Hetlingen, the Dinghy up from the ground and hauling in the nearby port. There, the truck of the Hetlinger forces was secured and pumped out.

About three hours after the alarm the last rescue were able to return forces in the guards. In the lead up to 40 men and women of the fire brigades, DLRG, RKiSH and police were deployed.

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