could bring The case of child abuse in Münster, Germany, further cases have come to light. A police headquarters was an extraordinary step.

in The case of abuse of Münster could lead to a number of other cases. Experts and police expect more attention, and Clues from the population. The police Märkischer Kreis child speaks molester on Facebook now directly and threatens them literally.

Märkischer Kreis – abuse case of Münster could hit wide of the shaft and also the perception in the population strengths. In the result of a whole series of acts of Abuse could be reported. Thus, the children’s welfare organization Innocence expects in Danger. “Sexual abuse permeates all social strata,” said Julia von Weiler, the abuse, the Executive Director of the movement against the child, the German press Agency. In the case of Münster is an IT technician for the Prime suspect, a crime scene is located in a small garden in the city.

The attention the case brings is well, hamlet. Because, according to Figures of the world health organization strong suffered in Germany one Million children annually sexual abuse. This let us to conclude that each individual know in Germany are Affected – children and perpetrators. Therefore, the awareness and the attention of the Public in these cases is so important. Adults should be mindful of the signals of children. And this would have to be able to confide in, she demanded. “Children in Need are dependent on the adults that protect them,” said the managing Director of Innocence in Danger. The Berlin-based organization is part of an international network for the protection of children.

child abuse in Münster: the Internet has aggravated the Dimension of deeds

Digital media and Internet , the Dimension would be exacerbated by abuse gigantic. “It makes it easier for the perpetrators to organize and Abuse images on the exchange,” said Weiler. In the case of abuse of Münster, the investigators had a large amount of data found, which are not yet decrypted a long time. This is only the tip of a huge iceberg, said the organization.

Also, the police attributed to the uncovering of the pedophile-network in Münster, Germany with additional cases. In North Rhine-Westphalia “more and more cases of abuse will be known to” have a lot to do with the investigative capacities in the area had been increased, said the Vice-GdP-country Chairman Michael Maatz. “Therefore, we must expect that in the next few months, additional groups of child molesters are going to change blow, some of them in dimensions that you can think of so far nobody.”

To the case of abuse of Lügde: North Rhine-Westphalia police staff quadrupled

contact The police in the district märkischer Kreis in North Rhine-Westphalia has now resorted to an extraordinary action: To Facebook officials directly to the offender warning them, threatening them even. “We’ll get you,” writes the police Märkischer Kreis on Facebook , and makes it clear: “Lügde, Bergisch-Gladbach, Münster, Germany. It disgusts us! To say it clearly: the Sexual abuse of children happens here!“

To the child abuse case of Munster: police Märkischer Kreis threatens the perpetrators

The local police, the is you for Lügde responsible, asks the population to vigilance: “And to all other: Be vigilant! This did happen among us. Hidden. You come to us immediately or call us if you have a suspicion.“ Under the Post, the police commented on the contact details of the helpline for victims and witnesses.

The officials get a lot of encouragement from Facebook users. Well over 800 “likes”and 123 comments, in which the citizens thank the investigators (as of 8. June, 13 PM). “Thank you for your work,” it says, or “I can’t”.