This is a border conflict that took place in Europe, without the knowledge of all, or nearly, a few weeks ago. The Polish army has invaded and occupied part of the territory of the Czech Republic, explained to CNN. Poland, which has recognized his blunder, explains that it is simply a misunderstanding. His soldiers were in direct contact with the inhabitants of the Czech Republic, which has triggered a stir diplomatic.

The mishap took place at the end of the month of may, near the village of Pielgrzymów, in the south of Poland. Soldiers of the Polish army, which guarded the border passed on the side of Czech and are installed on site. And then they blocked of the inhabitants of the countries “invaded” who simply wanted to visit a church. A situation is preposterous, which is traced to the country’s embassy in Poland. This was, in turn contacted the government. On the side of the Polish authorities, we speak of a “misunderstanding” caused ” no hostile intention “. The troops were then withdrawn. The Czech Republic emphasises, however, does still not have received any official explanation.

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special situation

In normal times, there is no military presence at the border between the two countries. They are part of the Schengen area and the crossing of borders can thus be done freely. But, because of the outbreak of coronavirus, Poland has closed its borders since the month of march. A situation that came to an end on Saturday 13th June for the citizens of the european Union, according to the ministry of European and foreign Affairs.

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Historically, the past frontier of the two countries, however, was restless. Thus, a war of seven days between Poland and what was then Czechoslovakia in 1919 around the territory of Cieszyn Silesia. In 1938, at the dawn of the Second world War, Poland also annexed to the city of Bohumín. In “real” this time.

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