Kohfeldt in Bremen a contract until 30. June 2023. In view of the dramatic sporty descent, the 37-year-old Coach, but is heavily criticized. 1899 Hoffenheim have still interest. The Bremen on Saturday (15.30 clock/Sky) against the 1. FC Cologne to win and are also dependent on support from Union Berlin against Fortuna Düsseldorf. Only so can the success of the jump on the relegation place 16.

“I’m going to fight until the very, very last second. I don’t want to let me not say that I fought until the end and everything for this club have tried,“ said Kohfeldt, the person in charge of the table 17. despite the disappointing season, so far, the trust said.

managing Director, Frank Baumann announced for the case of a first descent for the last 40 years, timely decisions. “It is not to be expected on Sunday or Monday with a result. I think, in the middle or the end of the week, we will be more and, possibly, to announce,“ said Baumann, who because of his misguided procurement policy is also the subject of criticism.