“I wonder all the time what wanted to cause Florian Kohfeldt with this press conference. That was totally unbremisch. No man tells us: I am the Best,“ said Lemke on Saturday at Sky. And is sure that Kohfeldt having to fear would have in the event of a defeat acutely to his Job. “If we are to 0:3 lost, it would be very, very bitter became,” said Lemke. Kohfeldt had asserted on Friday, after criticism of many club icons: “I am the Best on this Position.” After the 1:0 victory in the Breisgau, Lemke argues, but, “definitely” to finish the season with the 37-Year-old. “It would be more macho, to make two or three game days before the end of the season, a coach change,” said Lemke, and remembered the 0:5-home defeat in December against Mainz: “If you want to do something would have, you would have to do it then. That was so horrible you didn’t want to be in the stadium.“

The victory in Freiburg has made the 73-Year-old, but for relief. “That was very, very important for our nerves and the feeling that we can still play football,” said Lemke: “On Monday against Leverkusen, it was soulless. That was a completely different team.“ From a liberation Lemke did not want to talk, he was sure: “We can stay!”