“If the slips in the election campaign, then we are clearly too far back,” said Matthias Zelinger from the manufacturers Association VDMA Power Systems on Thursday. Until a new Federal government action is capable of, would be to a point where the goal for 2030, namely, 65 per cent of green electricity needs proportion with the increase of the current, difficult and expensive to reach. “Now the road must be described in a sustainable way”, he urged. According to figures of VDMA Power Systems and the German wind energy Association (BWE) have been built in the first half of the year 2020 in Germany to the country of 591 megawatts of power distributed to 178 new wind energy installations. Because the old facilities have been removed, the net increase, therefore, in the case of 507 megawatts and 90 plants. The most developed in North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg and lower Saxony.

The data differ slightly from the provisional Figures of the Agency of wind energy in the country by mid-July, however, the Trend is the same: Although more than twice as much built-in is not as in the prior-year period, it is sufficient from the point of view of the industry for a long time. It holds about 4700 megawatts of growth per year is necessary. “Twice as good two-thirds is still bad,” said Zelinger.

The Federal government is expected to 2030 with a power consumption of 580 terawatt hours, said Hermann Albers from the German wind energy. The industry reckon, however, with 740 terawatt hours. He referred to the hydrogen strategy of the Federal government and the proposed Changes in air traffic, and industries such as steel production – in this case, synthetic fuels play a role, their preparation needs a lot of electricity.

Europe were build according to the Association of Wind Europe of 5.1 gigawatts in the first half of the course, of which 3.9 gigawatts of the country. The supply of components from India and China was due to the Corona-pandemic part to a Halt.