The North-East German football Association (Duisburg) after the termination of the current season, a further season with uncertain variables. “We want to at 26. June the new season to prepare, even if the framework of the game plan is to keep hardly,“ said Duisburg’s managing Director Holger Fuchs, the German press Agency. Also, don’t be give an exact date to when the new season could even begin.

Especially the 3. League prepares for the planners a headache in terms of the next game year. The League ends on June 30. June “and if I see anybody who is down there, you can get it with the fear,” said Fuchs. With the already far-severed kickers FC Carl Zeiss Jena and FSV Zwickau two clubs from the Duisburg are currently in the relegation places. Just above the line of the Hallesche FC, the 1 are. FC Magdeburg and Chemnitzer FC, the float as well in the highest relegation danger.

in the face of the severed table penultimate SGS Großaspach, a total of three North-East clubs could fill in the regional League in the coming season. The designated master fail to play Lok Leipzig in the ascent, would be the fourth League of the North-East the next season with 23 Clubs, because there is no Relegated and the two top leagues, Tennis Borussia Berlin and FSV Luckenwalde to encounter.

Another threat to Fox and co. by the regional associations. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony have ended their season already, in Berlin you want to at 20. June, a decision to announce, in Saxony-Anhalt, the decision is still pending. Thuringia is set to continue, however, the season. “These are all independent legal organizations,” said Fox, although, to a limited but at the same time: “Especially in national leagues one stands in a relation to each other.”

The Duisburg will travel then, and given the expected scheduling problems – a very clear course. “We will give the associations and their interests the privilege of addressing this dependence on each other cooperatively,” said Fox and added: “Thuringia is on a different path.”