Bolder’s hardly: hikers have spent the night in a hut in the Berchtesgaden, contrary to Corona’s rules, to four to a room. Afterwards, they hung the host on it.

Berchtesgaden have stayed hikers four of us in a room on a cottage contrary to applicable Corona rules. After the stay, they extorted the Manager with a letter . The DAV released the letter to Facebook . Many more exciting tales from Bavaria and the regions in our App.

In Corona pandemic: DAV huts are popular Hiking destinations – since they re-opened

difficult to what is going on in some cottages to Berchtesgaden in the Corona-pandemic . The cottages are – since you are allowed to re-accommodate guests – popular destinations for hikers , a beautiful week, they arrived quickly changes the limits of its capacity. This fact want to make use of some hikers now, apparently, for their own purposes.

hikers don’t have to wait to be formally, that host Corona-adheres to rules

on several occasions it had happened before, that hikers hosts watch closely and almost on the violation of a Corona-rule waiting to blackmail . The host go not to the demand for a free meal or a free Night in a threatened these hikers in order to view it.

hikers demand to the Overnight brazen money back

The* reported and Berchtesgaden refers to a conversation with Daniel Hrassky, DAV -Board member for public Relations and press. The most recent example has to wear a cottage in the Berchtesgaden Alps and is hard to beat in audacity barely to.

hikers stayed four to a room – even though it is forbidden

According to overnight, a group of hikers pay attention to this cottage , which is not mentioned by name – and in a moment, due to the Corona pandemic, forbidden constellation: the four of us and the house stands to arise in a room.

After the Night, the group by letter attempted to blackmail the Manager that he has allowed this to happen despite the existence of Corona rules. The German Alpine club section of Berchtesgaden, had published the letter on Facebook.

DAV published a threatening letter against the landlord of a mountain hut on Facebook

The response was huge. Most Users commented significantly, what they thought of the claim: “outrageous”, was read, and also “Everyone goes with personal responsibility in the mountains.” In the meantime, the Post is deleted. Here is the letter, as it the wording has published:

threatening letter to DAV hut host in excerpts

“ladies and gentlemen,

as we have them already in place verbally in the presence of witnesses notified, it is not to shelter four people from four different house currently stands in a small room (about 3x3m) as we had it. At our request, with us, do not you wanted to respond Yes, because of “merciless Overbooking” or not even respond.

(…) We ask you now once and out of court, as compensation and to reimburse excuse us, therefore, illegal overnight price (3 persons à € 36) completely.”

hiker hut host threaten in Berchtesgaden with a view

The Wanderer to go further: Should not be paid, they would file a report and the behavior of the host to the health Department and other authorities.

in the Meantime, apologized to the Walker at the DAV and the cottage host

The DAV section of Berchtesgaden, immediately responded and showed the threat to the police, who confirmed the Existence of a criminal Offence. In the meantime, the letter writer has discovered, however, and apologized. The thing was settled and done, so Hrassky from DAV to It is clear from all this: It is according to the official interpretation of the current laws, the responsibility of the guests themselves, to keep to the rules. And, so Hrassky: “Especially in this time, it is important to stick together and to not harm other deliberately.”


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