Hotels and restaurants have suffered as a result of Corona especially. In the County and far beyond. Dairy farmers and dairies in Bavaria can help you now with a coupon action. So you want to create incentives to buy Bavarian products.

the district – The restaurant is hard to hit. Corona has added to it. In order to master the crisis together, there is now of the Bavarian dairy farmers, as well as the private and cooperative-operated dairies support. While the policy is still being discussed on gift cards as a consumer incentive, the dairy industry in the free state with a good example.

“There is a support Fund, in the most of the dairy farmers pay a levy of 0.05 cents per delivered litre,” says Christine Singer, circle, farmer and Deputy country farmer’s wife. This money is intended, among other things, for the promotion. The management Committee of the Bavarian milk promotion Fund has decided to provide catering 11 000 vouchers to a total value of 1.1 million euros. Each of the accommodation and catering operation, you can download via the Internet a copy of the value of 100 Euro, and thus his fresh service, or wholesaler who supplies him, products such as milk, cheese and cream to buy. “He can then, on the next invoice to be credited,” says the Hofheimerin.

circle farmer’s wife, Singer appeals to all, the coupon download

the goal is to put up with the gesture to create incentives for people to acquire Bavarian products. Strongly calls on all businesses – from the smallest hut to the largest Hotel, the coupon download. “Because it is precisely during a crisis, we need to keep in the Region. Finally, we are all in the same boat.“

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A voucher that you presented last Friday at Christian Baer, the First Chairman of the Hotel and restaurant Association in the district and Manager of the Murnau Alpenhof. “I think this is a Super-action and a Symbol of warmth,” said the Gastro-Profi pleased. He is fully behind it. “We support very much the home products.” This has always been the philosophy. And that would also be practiced with the staff else hosts. “The overriding principle is to keep the domestic products is high.”

the key to The action, the to 30. June 2020, can be found on the website . There can be establishments and easy access to the coupon download.


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