This was decided by the Saxon higher administrative court on Thursday in Bautzen (reference: 3 B 194/20), and thus the action of a teacher to be rejected. This had required that the para is set to count 2 of the current of Corona-protection regulation and enforcement. There is not, the otherwise applicable minimum distance of 1.5 meters in nurseries, in schools and at school events. The primary school teacher had attacked the scheme because they saw an increased risk of Infection exposed. As a result, your fundamental right is violated on physical integrity, so the argument of the woman. The Saxon higher administrative court is not followed. A threat to the teachers, the infected children in case of undershooting of the Minimum distance has not yet been proven clearly and scientifically, the judges declared. In addition, the daily new infections had decreased in Saxony strong. Children could stand in the primary school age the minimum is still not met.

the state Also have taken a detailed set of measures that will reduce the risk of infection for students and teachers. Members of at-risk groups could, for example, require an exemption from the duty of Presence in the school. An unreasonable risk to health as a result of non-compliance with the Minimum distance to primary schools could not therefore be established. The decision of the Saxon higher administrative court is final.