The Brose group of companies, chief Michael Stoschek remains, contrary to a recent announcement, however, on the 1. July of this year, the main partner of the Bundesliga side, as the upper Franconia announced on Sunday. Actually, the Brose group, is affected as automotive supplier of the Corona-crisis had to deliver their shares to the Bamberger Basketball GmbH. In the case of the sale negotiations, but there was no Deal. Stoschek now makes more than the majority shareholder, however. Brose’m still available, “so national sponsors, as well as Bamberg entrepreneurs be obtained as the other shareholders”, with shared Stoschek and Bamberg’s managing Director, Arne Dirks in a joint statement. This means that there is more business to be won, the boarding in addition to Brose as a shareholder in the Bundesliga. That Brose Name – and main sponsor, which had already been previously ensured.

in Order to make regional companies with a commitment more palatable, will be included Wilfried kaemper as a Board member of the Bamberg business clubs e. V. in the Supervisory Board. With the support of Bamberg, Andreas Starke, mayor of the negotiations with potential investors, should be continued.

Sporty, the Bamberg prepare-to-date on the Final tournament of the Bundesliga in Munich, Germany. There is to determine from the beginning of June in three weeks, ten teams of the new champion.