On Waxriessteig was discovered a barred mountain bike. The police could assign a missing German soldiers. Now there is a sad certainty.

A Person police on Waxriessteig a closed mountain bike reported . The police could assign a missing Bundeswehr soldiers (32). A search according to the man remained a long time with no effects. Now there is a sad certainty.

Drama of missing German soldiers (32): After days of search – now there is a sad certainty

Update from 16 may, 2020, 17.42 PM: Sad certainty in the case of the missing German soldiers (32). As the pass is reported by Auer Neue Presse, was found on Saturday the corpse of the Missing.

Accordingly, the use of forces in a helicopter in the upper area of the Laufsteigs on the Northern foothills of the Reiter Alpe have found at an altitude of 1248 metres and a lifeless body. Other forces that were eventually arrived at the site, were able to establish the death of missing soldiers.

Bundeswehr soldier (32), missing – rescuers explosive object

Update from 20.23 at: , such As the Bavarian Red cross (BRK) to find reports, could not be found the Missing also up for the Friday evening . Twelve groups and several search dog teams were looking for 20 trails and routes in the pale mountains. Wandering around the mist and most of the time, pouring rain, pull difficult the view, at times, the depth of the clouds on the crack in the ceiling but so far, that from the ground, poor visibility and achievable ditches and slopes with the drone and with the police helicopter thoroughly from the air checked could be.

mountain bike discovered: in search of missing property soldiers – bag

found The search in the grounds and from the air is to be continued on Saturday morning expected to be better weather , so the BRK. In the Reichenhaller mountain rescue guard, mountain rescue, the police and the Bundeswehr have set up a joint management of the all the search teams are coordinated.

On the high-Schlegel responders found a small bag with various articles of Clothing , could possibly belong to the Missing. Obviously, someone had dumped the bag there, but only lost. The police Bad Reichenhall asks, as before, information from the population

Where is Ariadna from Vienna? The student has been missing since the middle of may – she was supposed to meet an unknown man.

mountain bike discovered: police looking for missing property Bundeswehr soldiers (32) – so far in vain

initial meld of 15. May 2020

Bad Reichenhall – On Thursday evening, (14. May) was discovered in the police a on the lower end of the Waxriessteigs (preaching chair, the pale mountains) barred black-and-blue mountain bike.

A police patrol controlled the mountain Bicycle, and it was a since Monday (11. May) missing assign Bundeswehr soldiers , of the broken, without further indication, that’s probably one of the Cycling or mountain tour, and was not returned. The Bavarian Red cross (BRK) kreisverband Berchtesgadener Land.

Bad Reichenhall (Bavaria): mountain bike found – army-soldier missing

the Missing is the 32-year-old Bad Reichenhall. He is described as follows: about 1.60 meters tall, slim, athletic, has strikingly bright blue eyes and short, dark blonde hair. He’s probably in athletic Outdoor clothing on the go.

+ Mountainbike discovered: police looking for missing property Bundeswehr soldiers (32) – so far in vain.©BRK BGL

May the 32-Year-old an accident needed or any other help . The police said, and ask at the same time notes: “Who can give information about his whereabouts? Who is since Monday, and a Person with a bike, maybe in the Alpine area, noticed?“

Three groups top monitored Bad Kingdom hall , Freilassing and Teisendorf-Anger were requested to the Fund and the assignment of the wheel at about 0.50 a.m. by the police and searched by one to four o’clock in the Morning from the top and the bottom of the Waxriessteig and the other way on the sermon chair to the high-Schlegel to walk from.

Missing Bundeswehr soldier: a helicopter in the search for help

the Team at The engineering bus to the mountain rescue-Region Chieamgau flew from the concept brook-forest road from the thermal imaging drone the southwest flank of the Posch mountain see hotel description Todsbach and cutting the deck, can like the BRK told more.

it Continues: “Since Friday morning, twelve groups of the police and the mountain are, on the whole waking up to feet on the go, including search dog teams the mountain rescue service-avalanche and search dogs the Chiemgau mountains and the Alpine group (AEG) of the police. You will find all the relevant Increases, according to the Missing. Low-hanging clouds, and rain complicated the search values could fly , which is why for the time being, still not a helicopter .

“The police thanked the attentive Mitteiler for the note”, – stated in the press release of the police more.

Drama in the Alps: A 29-Year-old has not returned after a mountain tour. Now there is a sad certainty.

the sun and the Corona-relaxations, people are now again in the mountains. A 43-Year-old crashed in the Allgäu region on Thursday in the death.

With a photo addiction, the Bavarian police after the 15-year-old Marvin. The young person was last seen in Augsburg at the train station. Now, lacking any trace of him.

In the area of Regensburg are missing two people. The police asks to help with the search of a 13-year-old girl and a Senior (90).