Since Monday, the excavators are on the B287 in Nüdlingen. Reason channel works and the construction of a water overflow on the property behind the station to Riedweg are. Motorists travelling from Bad Kissingen to Nüdlingen, meet at the exit in angle to a road block with the inscription “drive through Nüdlingen locked”. According to the police Inspectorate of Bad Kissingen, it was, however, allowed to drive in the Nüdlinger commercial area or to Hausen. As you can see on the picture is, there are shut-off and construction site after the confluence of the industrial area. The shops in the village have opened normally. The bus stops are located in Mühlweg at the height of the entrance to the Tegut.

This article was written by Ellen Mützel

*The contribution of “drive through Nüdlingen only after the intersection” is locked out published by Contact with the executives here.