This is an announcement for the less symbolic. On Facebook, the wildlife park Australian Reptile Park, located in the town of Somersby, unveiled, not without emotion, the birth of his first koala since the fires of last fall, that have ravaged the land of australia. The small one is named Ash (” ash ” in French). For the park, it represents ” a sign of hope for the future of the wildlife of Australia.”

As reported by the british newspaper Daily Telegraph, the young koala would be born in January. According to the zoo keeper, Dan Rumsey, the pups can stay for up to seven months in the ventral pouch of their mother. As regards Ash, the healers had not been able to check up here if he’s doing well, by measure of security. The baby marsupial should also be joined by other new koalas born later this year in Australia, in zoos of the towns of Mosman, Sydney, and Melbourne.

The koalas, ambassadors of the australian fauna

For Dan Rumsey, quoted in the Daily Telegraph, the koalas at the zoo are ” the ambassadors of koalas in the wild, those who have really suffered from the fire “. The roaring fires of last fall in the south and east of Australia have in fact destroyed vast expanses of forest, in which live the koalas. According to an assessment shared last march by CNN, approximately 5 000 of these marsupials would have perished, or 12% of the population of the region of New South Wales.

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Even if many animals have lost their lives in the flames, the koalas have never ceased to capture the attention of the whole world. “The koalas are iconic… and even though ours are bred in captivity, we like to think that we help the population quite decimated,” says, in any case, Dan Rumsey. For him, ” Ash represents the beginning of what we hope will be a new season of successful reproduction. “At the Australian Reptile Park, three other koalas would be now in the pockets of females.

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