Since his election, Donald Trump has a vision of the environment, opposed on many points to those of his predecessor, Barack Obama. The u.s. administration has decided to simplify the hunting of bears and cubs in Alaska, raising a number of prohibitions, reveals the Washington Post. A series of measures that should be included in The Federal Register, the official government journal, on Tuesday.

It is now possible, throughout the State, to lure the mothers with doughnuts and other treats so they come out of their dens for the sole purpose of killing them, as well as their small. Hunters may be equipped with head lamps. Practices, banned for five years, that some advocates of animal rights condemn. “These reserves are the places that attract tourists from around the world, who nourish the hope of seeing these animals emblematic evolve in their natural habitat,” said Theresa Pierno, president of the Association for the conservation of national parks. “Shoot at bears and babies that hibernate is not a way to preserve the wildlife of these parks. “

These measures have been desired by local hunters, arguing that the rules of October 2015, ordered by the Obama administration, in breach of the practices of traditional hunting of indigenous peoples. In fact, six national parks in Alaska, it is already possible to hunt with artificial light, seven allow the hunting of black bear with dogs, and four allow hunting of bear with bait.

The goal is to reduce the number of predators

Jim Adams, director of an association in Alaska, said that the true goal of the State was to reduce the number of wolves and other predators in order to increase the number of caribou and other game. The reduction of the population of predators imbalance in the natural ecology, say the environmentalists. Donald Trump, political man, one of the first acts of presidency was to withdraw from Paris, has fallen over 100 environmental measures put in place by previous administrations, such as the fact know a count available on the website of the New York Times.