Afghanistan is moving towards three days welcome stop fighting on the occasion of the Eid el-Fitr, the feast marking the end of ramadan to begin on Sunday 24 may 2020, after the taliban announced on Saturday a ceasefire immediately accepted by president Ashraf Ghani. The taliban, which multiplied over the last weeks onslaught of murderers against the afghan forces, were at first surprised by declaring unilaterally a cessation of fighting for their fellow citizens “to be able to celebrate in peace and comfort” the holiday of Eid, according to a press release sent by one of their spokespeople. The direction of the insurgents ordered his fighters to ” take special measures for the safety of their fellow countrymen, and not to launch offensive operations against the enemy “. But they will be able to defend themselves if they are attacked, ” continues the text.

This is the first time that the taliban call themselves, to ask the weapons since an international coalition led by the United States drove them from power in late 2001. President Ashraf Ghani was quick to accept their offer. “As commander-in-chief, I indicated to the ANDSF (the national defence forces and security) to comply with this truce of three days, and not to defend themselves in case of attack “, he quickly responded on Twitter. Ashraf Ghani had proposed at the end of April a ceasefire on the occasion of ramadan, a proposal which is swept by the taliban, who had qualified as ” not rational nor convincing.” The head of the afghan State, which multiplies for years, the queries of the genre, had come to a stop of the fighting for three days in June 2018 on the occasion of the Eid el-Fitr.

the surprising scenes of fraternization between taliban fighters and members of the afghan security forces were then occurred, the two sides are hugging and taking a picture of it. The taliban have also respected a truce partial nine days from 22 February to 2 march on the occasion of the signing of the Doha agreement with the Americans, which aims at a withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan by the summer of 2021, in exchange for secure counterparts.

call to order us

But they then stepped up their assaults against afghan security forces, leading to more than 3 800 attacks since march, which killed 420 civilians and wounded 906 other, according to the afghan authorities. The assistance mission un in Afghanistan (Unama), in a report published Tuesday, has identified 208 civilians were killed in April by the rebels, a figure that is 25% increase compared to April 2019. This week, they have tried, without success, to take Kunduz, a strategic town in the North that they have attacked multiple times in recent years and have even briefly controlled. The civilian casualties inflicted by the security forces and the population grew 38 % year on year, with 172 deaths in April, according to Unama.

Despite this strong upsurge in violence, the leader of the taliban Haibatullah Akhundzada said Wednesday, in a rare message written that the movement ” is committed in the agreement signed with America “. The emissary of the United States, Zalmay Khalilzad, was in Doha, Qatar, to meet with the taliban. The american negotiator, while welcoming a series of three talks “constructive” with his counterpart in the breast of the taliban, mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, had issued a call to order. “I told the taliban that violence by all the actors had to be reduced,” he tweeted.

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a Few days earlier, he had estimated that the insurgents violate “the spirit if not the letter” of the Doha agreement, because they were according to him committed to an overall reduction in violence. After an assault in mid-may against a maternity hospital in the capital, had killed 24 people, including many mothers, Kabul has ordered his security forces to “take back their operations (offensive, editor’s NOTE) against the enemy,” paused since the conclusion of the agreement the american-taliban, that the afghan authorities have not been invited to ratify it. Washington, which has charged the group islamic State, makes no secret of his desire to leave soon for Afghanistan, where the United States are mobilized for more than 18 years, or the war is the longest in their history.