Due to lack of staff would have had to close the market town of Schliersee in the nursery rainbow a hair a group. But then the surprise rescue came.

Schliersee – It would have been bad news for many families in Schliersee: Due to shortage of staff, the market would have had to close the Church in the nursery rainbow a hair of a kindergarten group. A nanny and a governess had been missing, reported the mayor Franz carving Baumer (CSU), now in the municipal Council. But by “happy coincidence” was now succeeded but still, the two open positions to fill. “The contracts are signed”, announced the town hall chief, visibly relieved. As managing Director Jörn Alkofer discloses on demand, had searched the community for more than a year, according to staff. Even on the Radio, you’ve started a call, and also in Munich, educators, schools got in contact with. “We really went all the way,” said Alkofer. With good output, as has now been shown. “All children have from 1. September a place in the kindergarten,“ emphasized carving Baumer.

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Paradox is the Situation with the Cribs. Here, according to mayor a waiting list in kindergarten the rainbow (twelve questions) and in the Kita St. Josef in Neuhaus (eight requests), in parallel, a private institution, but I have “The badgers” in Neuhaus at the beginning of the year 16 free places reported. As long as this change could not go into the planning for an Expansion of community care capacity, said carving Baumer. Finally, the municipality has recognized the places with the badgers. The alleged reasons on the part of the parents are not in demand courses in the badgers did not want to miss the mayor in public. The new municipal Council Philipp Krogoll (The Schlierseer) could not resist a peak in the direction of the operator. “To do the construction on his house done,” he said. As is well known, had given a date in court. In the meantime, the operator and the district office regarding the building permit have agreed, what is “release The badgers” of the accusation, in a illegal construction to “live”.