High-visit for the ferry Zollenspieker-Hoopte. In order to be faster when used, took the fire brigade of Hamburg, a short cut over the water.

By radio, the environment service, the technology and the protection of the environment guard F32 was called to a use that was on the other side of the Elbe. Because the Crossing of the Elbe bridges had lasted longer, the forces just the water via ferry.

see also: accidents during landing: air traffic at Hamburg Airport was hours long.

stopped by the Hamburg fire brigade takes the ferry to use

On Facebook you get a lot of praise in the Form of Likes. Post some semi-serious comments to be found but. “It could put the ferry then a blue sparkle of light, or had to cart the blue light from the ELW (command, note. d. editorial) rich?” asks a User with a wink. Tip of the Hamburg-editors

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download have A other responds, smugly, that the ferries always run out of right-of-way. Somehow logical – who should also come to you in the way?

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