For a better Internet connection and to continue to learn for the Uni, had to climb a female student on the roof of your house. But then she received unexpected help.

In the Corona-crisis* there are many digital. A sc hlechte Internet connection can make students and pupils, therefore, a dash through the bill. A student from India had a special idea.

India – In the Corona-crisis , everything is a little different than usual. As for Namitha, a student from India. However, for the Online courses represented at your University is a special challenge, because the Internet connection in their residential area was so bad that she could only participate in hard on your Lectures. An unusual incident brought the solution.

India: student rises for better Internet connection on the roof of your house

Some people learn at a Desk, others in the bed or on the toilet. Namitha, the in the 5. Semester studying English, sat on the roof, in order to follow their Lectures. “We have tried all the seats in the house, including the porch and the roof. In the end I got a pretty good Internet connection on our two-storey house“, is quoted by the student from India by the Indian newspaper The Hindu.

The pictures on the roof of learners, student went viral. Numerous have been shared over the Internet. Also, the news reported about the unusual learning of the circumstances of the Indian woman, so

India: Surprising help for Namitha – you must no longer on the roof learning

a Surprising way, the learning situation remained for the young Indian not long so complicated. Namitha got some unexpected help. About the reports in the media, and the shared photos, network operators have been on the girl’s attention. Three days after the beginning of the Online course, you received a visitor.

grid operators were, according to the Reports over to her house and made sure that the student is now a better Internet connection.

“I am happy that I can now learn in my house”, is quoted by the student.

India: Namitha is not the only Indian student with this Problem

Namitha is Far from the only student with a bad Internet connection in your area. Many other students have the same Problem, such as Namitha TheHindu reported.

The Indian politician Syed Abid Husain Thangal praised Namitha and your family for your incident to TheHindu, because Namitha is a Symbol of the endurance, the will put of Indian student to the day. “By which it has set for itself a character, is Namitha has become a source of Inspiration for others,” said the politician, according to TheHindu.

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