On a more than 3000 square meters of land between Dinard street and the station road works are the demolition is in full swing. By the end of next year, there is the Dinard-Park.

Starnberg – It is likely to be in the near future, one of the largest construction sites in the Starnberg city centre: Between Dinard street and station road, the project developer Ehret and built the Dinard-Park. Five buildings with 21 apartments, a new Kindergarten, and underground Parking with 49 Parking spaces on the property. This is a 3035 square metres, which is nearly half a football field.

the demolition of The dilapidated building is in full swing. Already razed to the ground the premises, where for many years the municipal Kindergarten game island had to be home made. “The demolition work is expected to be completed by the end of may”, tells Kerstin Kruppok of Ehret and Small. The residents were in writing been informed in advance about possible noise, emissions and the construction project. With the demolition of the Anton Sedlmair GmbH is commissioned work.

The planned Dinard-Park consists of five individual houses, each with three aboveground floors. The building will receive a flat inclined gable roof. The design of an architectural competition, and to reject “in harmony with the original style of the Starnberg city villas”, with shares Kruppok.

+ The Dinard-Park (on the Simulation of the view from the Dinard road in the direction of the lake) consists of five multi-family homes.

21 apartments with two to four rooms are Planned. In the original plans, the speech had even been of nearly 40 apartments. To about 500 square meters of floor space for the daycare, which three groups had the place, explains Kruppok. The game island is temporarily housed in containers at the Ludwig street. The facility visit 50 pre-school children between three and six years, as well as 25 children from the first to the fourth class. A total of 3231 square feet of arise in the buildings, according to a statement of the project developer gross floor area.

discussions there had been more than two years ago in urban bodies in front of the garage, the 49 pitches receives. Originally, the planners had planned, and the exit to place on the station road. In contrast, neighbors, traffic authority and, not least, the building Committee of the city Council had raised concerns. They feared due to the poor visibility, the safety deficiencies. The point of dispute is far from over: “We have taken into account in the planning of change, feed,” says Kruppok. The entrance to the underground garage is now on the station road, take the exit on the Dinard road. In addition to the underground Parking places in Dinard-Park 57 Bicycle Parking spaces.

prepare in Parallel to the demolition work Ehret and Small, and the planners involved in the planning application documents. “You will soon be filed with the city of Starnberg,” says Kruppok. The goal is to start with the construction of multi-family homes later this year. The Ehret and Small-called schedule is ambitious: “The completion of the new building is scheduled for the end of 2021,” according to Kerstin Kruppok.

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