The arrival in the scenic Mieming thrilled me as much as before. The mountain peaks jut into the sky and the rich Green of the meadows, allow me to almost forget that the world stood by for two months. Only the Mouth guard carrying a porter reminds me that the everything-changing Virus has cast its shadow over this Tyrolean Idyll.

I’m also the Mouth guard and make my way to the Lobby. As a guest I am treatments when Entering the reception, the Restaurants, the Buffets, or at the Spa, in the Shop and at the Hotel-hairdresser required to wear a mouth and nose protection. Employees to bear in all areas of the house always face visor or mask. About the expert

Andrea Labonte an exceptional professional has to envy to the many: it is a Wellness hotel-tester Online-Guide Wellness-Heaven. In this capacity, she not only collects splendide Spa experiences, but also bizarre together contributes most stories from your professional life in the regular column “From the life of a hotel tester”.

your professional Background: she studied Economics in Mainz and Paris, where she met her husband learned that she founded in 2006, the Hotel Portal. She worked in the Marketing of different sectors in the last six years for one of the largest international luxury goods groups.

“Fensterln” at the Check-in at the reception Desk

The official welcome will then be gefensterlt only once a round, as the Tyrolean in pandemic times, likes to say. Because a Plexiglas wall gives both me and the receptionist, a safe feeling. After the long Isolation, I realize I how much I the Smile, to the lady by her face visor brings me to the Reception.

Spa Heaven Idyll equalized pur in the Hotel Schwarz in Mieming

not only the Plexiglas panes at the front Desk, even the chairs in the Hotel Lobby was in comparison to our last visit. Magazines and brochures have been removed. The hotel’s own App, the guests digitally through the activities and sports program. Through the App, the registration via pen and paper at the front Desk. Restaurant menus or weather forecasts are also available via the App, the registration to the kids ‘ club is fully digitized.

A contemporary application, which is popular especially in times of Corona very popular. The welcome drink we enjoy at a safe distance to the other guests. This is in Austria a Meter. And while I’m on my welcome drink, SIP it, drop me the various disinfection dispenser to remind me always to wash my hands several times a day, rinse and disinfect.

disinfectant and a disposable cloth – even more Hygiene in the rooms

in Front of the Elevator that takes us up to our room, there is another disinfectant dispenser. Kerstin, who shows us the way to our accommodation, informing us about the cleaning concept, ranging rag from the use of special Virucidal on the use of in-room Disposable.

This is the cleaning forces were always the same, the rooms and suites is responsible, so that would not transfer in the event of a case of the Virus on other floors. Also, special attention is paid for the clean-up on remote controls, handles, touch screens and light switches.

The previously mandatory info folder in the room was replaced by the App. Otherwise, the premises appear to be just as cozy and comfortable as it was before the crisis. The Minibar is also filled up continues with a variety of drinks.

the Spa area, almost without restriction – just with a distance

After our suitcases are unpacked, I am looking forward to the visit of the Spa area, due to its vastness and the variety of bathing in fact no corona-related restrictions. The Alpine resort is Black, as a rule, the provisions and recommendations of the Austrian Ministry of health.

So, I pay attention throughout the Spa always the distance of one Meter to the other Spa visitors to comply with. Fortunately, the large garden offer plant and the various Indoor rest-rooms of the house, numerous intimate places of retreat.

No Corona-risk in chlorinated swimming pools

It is scientifically proven that in chlorinated swimming pools with filter systems most of the pathogens are rendered harmless. Also specifically for the Coronavirus, the proof of this was provided. However, I also take in the Pools at least one Meter away from other swimmers.

the Spa Heaven of The swimming pond in the hotel Schwarz in Mieming

So the need of the hour, even on the edge of the pool, or chat with other parents in the children’s pool is: the Mitbadenden just not too close on the Pelle back. In the Spa of the hotel a maximum of every second square should be occupied.

However, not only the Pools for refreshment, also the two lakes of the house to entice me with their turquoise blue water. However, these two natural swimming lakes are not chlorinated, so that a distance rule from three to four metres will apply.

Lonely sweating at 90 degrees in the Sauna – no steam-baths

I admit it, prior to the visit to the Sauna I was in Corona-times respect. However, the host family Pirktl managed that I insert, in spite of my initial concerns, the sauna village visits and a sauna in the 90 degree hot Sauna with panoramic views. At this temperature, even the Coronavirus has no Chance.

in Addition, I make sure that I was in the Sauna almost, alone, sweat and trust in cleaning and disinfection standards of the hotel. In principle, in the saunas, the minimum distance of one Meter in all directions.

to avoid the propagation of respiratory aerosols, are infusions and Wedel deposits in the Sauna-the Repertoire of the Hotels included at the moment. This is my preference to sauna alone. The two steam baths at the hotel are closed due to hygiene reasons.Fitness Studio with no limitations is open due to the all-Round catering at the Hotel seems to be a Sport for me these days is inevitable. I consider myself in the Corona times, especially on Outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, Jogging and Tennis.

Also golfers, horse riders and mountain bikers in Tirol under the open sky of your Passion, carefree offspring. The gym can be used because of its size fully. Indoor activities such as Yoga groups small.

Finally a Massage – but not without a Mouth guard

After weeks of Homeschooling, home office, and budget, I can’t wait to be 50 minutes alone, pampered, and to leave the stress of the last few weeks behind me. At the time of booking to home, my anticipation of the Massage to the Vast. Because “Me Time” has been in the last few months, unfortunately, to the foreign word.

thanks to the Online appointment I meet at the Spa reception hardly any other guests. My therapist, Maria and I in greeting to a handshake dispense, however, this is replaced by a friendly Smile from both of us.

To wash the beginning of the application, my therapist your hands thoroughly, also the massage table and, in particular, the head part had to be meticulously disinfected. That she is wearing during the Massage, a face visor, gives me a safe feeling. In the prone position I wear first of all, no mask, after the Turn Maria a Mouth guard – for me, a whole new Spa experience is enough for me.

Hotel culinary delights after the Lockdown is different, but just as delicious

a time of travel and contact, can withdrawal cause everything. Things we used to take for granted, like dining in a hotel restaurant, for me, on our first evening in the Hotel a small Sensation. Not have to cook. Romantic atmosphere by candlelight. All of this no longer fills me with gratitude, as I felt you for quite a while.

Wellness-Heaven Delicious Breakfast in the Hotel – even without a buffet form possible

Because it makes me nothing that I wear when Entering the restaurant, a Mouth guard, the food directly at the table served and the Buffet will be offered in a somewhat reduced Form. Who cares? It tastes just as good as before – and the culinary options are due to the combination of Buffet and A`la carte menu is even more diverse.

Bounce and Pony rides – When children feel the freedom

we are Grateful, and omitted our children. You are riding in the hotel’s own petting zoo, ponies, watching goats and pot-bellied pigs and pet rabbits. Upside down from the jungle gym to dangle from is a lot more fun than to endure the bad mood of mom while Homeschooling. And in a bad mood I am today.

Although I can’t keep up with the flips of my son on the trampoline, but a great leap of Joy is definitely in there! And also the children’s club is open and boasts of natural experiences in the Outdoors.

In bad weather, small care groups in four different rooms safely, so that parents come to the long period of all-Round support finally the awaited “me time”.

  • More Info: Overnight stay in a double room with Breakfast from 194 euros per Person;

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