given The Corona-crisis, the Bavarian forest national Park, an enormous influx of visitors. Including many who would otherwise have spent their holiday probably more elsewhere, to be Director Franz Leibl said. “There are people out there confuse us with an amusement Park, want to experience something.” But that’s exactly what the national Park is not. Currently, questions such as “Where the rides are coming?”, also Ranger, Christine Schopf told.

forest area for the protection of the 11,000 animal-, fungal – and plant-types

But the national Park is actually a forest reserve, where many rare species of animals frolicking. Here should be natural according to their nature and develop. In the meantime, about 11,000 animal-, fungal -, and plant species in the Bavarian forest, has already been established – including as many as 16 urwald relict beetle species. Also bats, deer, and lynx feel, in the Area well. A special Highlight is the beaver, which has discovered the Bavarian forest are. 25 the protected animals were now living in a national Park. Scientists Jörg Müller is a mighty castle built by a beaver family. Around the industrious rodents have created a meter-long dam made of wood and Branches. dpa is A beaver house in the Bavarian forest national Park.

animals such as Wolf and moose will be able to see visitors in the cage. This is a compromise so people could see the animals a bit, says Ranger tuft. The national Park has in addition to the issues of conservation, research and education. For 27 years, Schopf works in the national Park wakes up and is in the site, to answer questions and to ensure compliance with the rules. Inform, listen, understanding your tips in dealing with visitors have. Signs keep out the people but not necessarily to leave the trails, or prohibited manner of pitching the tent, a camping.

recklessness as a Trend of the crisis

Leibl according to written surveys the visitors so far, up to 95 percent, you would come to find rest and relaxation and to experience nature. “In normal years, most people know already why you are here. At the Moment the clientele is a bit different.“

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And yet something has, apart from overcrowded Parking: The tone has become harsh, as Schopf reported. There were visitors who were much irritated faster, or friendly advice, to respect the national Park rules, rude responded. The ruthlessness to take it. The Leibl said: “This is a Trend that has solidified by Corona.” to drive dpa

So it made E-Bikes possible, for example, to ever more demanding, illegal routes through the Bavarian forest. Earlier, the mountain had remained a biker on the designated bike paths, said Schopf. More and more often, the Ranger would have to continue but now with wild-propelled bikers apart and in times of Corona all the more.

bark beetle: infestation and the possibility of

to fight in addition to the Corona-tourists in the Bavarian forest has also been with other challenges. The bark beetle is, for example, for the national Park a challenge for Private and commercial forest owners. After a mass attack by the bark beetle in the 90s, has rejuvenated the forest in the national Park of the particulars referred to, however, is now recovered and significantly. The dead trees are rare species that depend on deadwood. Jörg Müller shows stumps for a walk through the forest to the tree on which the mushrooms have spread. About three weeks after the book printer was there, is a tree dead, he explains. “Then the fungus comes.”

In the nature there are always winners and losers, says Müller. “No matter what the man does.” In the national Park of 200 fungal benefited alone types of deadwood. Or just the Rough flat beetle. The barbastelle bat was endangered. The bark beetle had “created a super-habitat”. In the edge zones of the national Park from the book printer-infested spruce trees would be removed to avoid spreading to adjacent forests.

dpa/Armin Weigel/dpa trees in the Bavarian forest national Park.

The bark beetle Problem is ultimately made of people, says forest scientist, the Deputy Director of the national Park and also a Professor at the University of Würzburg. Spruce for the wood processing and also for the bark beetle. With spruce forests, the man had built the book printer is the ideal home: “The table was covered, and then the large Eat went.” Since the 90s with the economy the tendency of woods to go back to mixed forests.

600 hectares of forest on the anniversary

But there is good news for the Bavarian forest. This year, the 50-year anniversary would have been celebrated, and also, if the festival were cancelled because of Corona, there is a special birthday gift: The protected area should be enlarged. 600 hectares of forest on the border of the Czech Sumava national Park, could be assigned to the national Park. These surfaces are, for example, for the capercaillie and the hazel grouse is an interesting habitat. dpa

With the extension could be created of the largest German forest national Park, says Minister of the environment, Thorsten Glauber (Free voters). The Bavarian forest national Park is a true treasure for the biodiversity and tourism, and an international figurehead for the conservation of nature.

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