We love you, even though they can make us sick: The sun. Very important: The right sun cream. Four products to make it again and again in the hit list.

Even if the sun’s rays do to the skin: they are the main risk factor for skin cancer that can be fatal. Therefore, In the midday heat, get out of the sun and sun cream. The selection of sun protection products in drugstores, discount stores, pharmacy and supermarket is tremendous, because many people are asking: What type of sun cream is the best?

Stiftung Warentest: Four sun creams best note

get Not only the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer magazine Öko-Test tested the sun creams to ensure their effectiveness. The surprising result: especially the cheap products from the supermarket, and discounters cut amazingly well .

So, the Foundation named test in your last great sun protection products-comparison in July 2018 four winners. Were tested the products on the Respect of the lack of protection, moisture enrichment, application, microbiological quality and critical fragrances .

four of The best sun creams-an Overview :

1st place (very good – for 1.3): Lidl Cien Sun sun milk Classic

2nd place (very good – 1,3): Penny and Rewe t. Today sun milk

3rd place (very good – for 1.4): dm Sundance sun spray

4th place (very good – 1,4): Real Sôi sun milk

is Negatively noticed in the Stiftung Warentest-comparison, the Sunmilk the brand’s Eco-Sensitive. It has a rating because of the lack of protective effect with poor.

More about the Foundation test sunscreen were comparison you can find here,

Öko Test selects three sun creams to the test winner – an expensive product gets stars five

Öko Test tested in a comparison of 27 products, on the one hand, on their effectiveness, but also on compatibility with the skin. the Many of the products were rated “very good” – above all the natural cosmetic products . Especially good the sun is cut off in protection medium of Ladival, capacitors, and Sundance.

Critical Öko-Test, however, the harmful UV-Filter, the plug in most of the tested conventional sunscreens. One of the chemical UV Filters, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, which is approved in the EU, however, due to its hormonal efficacy in suspected to promote cancer and to make barren about .

As a Negative example, here in the Eco-Test analysis of the product Lancaster-Sun Beauty out Velvet Milk with SPF 30 : It contains two harmful UV-filters, fragrances, which can trigger allergies and other controversial ingredients such as PEG/PEG-derivatives.

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Synthetic UV-filters and plastics – but good protection effect and skin compatibility

The Online platform Utopia, which deals with topics related to sustainability, goes a step further and involves the environmental aspect. The conclusion: “We have all the current sun cream Tests are reviewed and decided to recommend for the year 2019, these three products: Ladival sun protection Lotion, electrolytic capacitors Sun sun milk and Sundance sun milk ,” reports the Portal. The products would include synthetic UV-filters and plastics that damage the environment – and in the most sun creams are included. But many questionable ingredients such as Paraffins, PEGs, or silicones, are missing here.

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you can Also use vanilla ice-cream was of the Stiftung Warentest under the microscope. There was a clear winner.


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