The obligation to a two-week quarantine after entry is only since the 15th century. May. “To the extent that we have Freedom again long, can also be the measures at the border changed,” said foreign Minister Arancha González Laya.

you denied it, Spain have made this decision to pressure from the tourism industry or due to the possible annoyance of other EU countries in the unilaterally declared mandatory Quarantine.

re-opening of the beaches on Mallorca without a large number of

In Mallorca will once again splash around in the sea: After more than two months of forced closure due to the Corona pandemic have opened the holiday island and many other regions of Spain on Monday, their beaches again. In fine weather and temperatures around 25 degrees, the “ball man”-the party mile, and in other areas of Mallorca flocked to the Playa de Palma, close to but initially only a few, only local guests to the beach, as media reported.

The reason: Until the end of the Exitplans the end of June, the Spaniards are not permitted to leave their respective province. And tourists from abroad want to leave the Corona-Hotspot Spain in July back into the country.

The re-opening of the Playas only applies to Locals as the first Test for the summer . The municipalities may decide to set special rules for the beach visitor. The Corona-basic provisions, such as a security screens distance of at least two meters between towels and sun, but must be respected everywhere. In addition, groups may consist of a maximum of 15 people.

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most of The coastal communities taken for the time being, no specific security measures. This was also the case for the Mallorca capital of Palma. Mayor José Hila said, he trusted the citizens. He warned, however, that Should there be breaches or other problems, they would take “other measures”. “But it would be very sad if we had to prove bathers with fines,” he said.

, Spain: “Phase 2” for a holiday, important,

The re-opening of the beaches was allowed only to those regions that met the requirements for entry in “Phase 2” of the Spanish Exitplans. This includes coastal regions like Tarragona in the North-East, Murcia and Almeria in the Southeast, Cadiz in the South or the Basque country and Galicia in the North of the country, including the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands among others. For almost half of the country, about 22 out of a total of 47 million citizens, began on Monday, “Phase 2”.

In this third of four stages – there was also a “Phase 0” – may be opened in addition to the beaches, including swimming pools, cinemas and theatres, and the indoor areas of Bars and Restaurants. It restrictions the number of guests apply. The residents of coastal provinces and other regions that are not in the fight against the Virus so far, about Barcelona and Madrid, were meanwhile on Monday, the first in “Phase 1”.

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