After the violent death of George Floyd in the United States, a wave of protest is rolling through the USA. Also, in Germany, large demonstrations against racism are recognised.

the violent death of The U.S. citizen George Floyd*, shocked the world. In the U.S., violent protests raging for days supply. In Germany, demonstrations are planned.

Berlin – A wave of sympathy, anger and the will to change meets the world. The shutter button to the tragic death of the black U.S.-citizen George Floyd that came in through police violence killed* gave. Ever since it came out in the USA in almost all major cities to major demonstrations* against racism – sometimes even violent. However, not only in the United States, the incident has an impact, also in Germany, are scheduled demonstrations.

25 cities of silence demonstrations to counter racism, a sign. Are concerned about the cities Berlin, Hannover, Stuttgart, Munich, Mannheim, Cologne and Düsseldorf. the The organizers called on to appear in black clothes and to commemorate the deed in silence. With the Demos you want to remind that there is also in Germany, similar problems as in the USA.

Demos, stated: “racism in Germany”

integration Minister of state Annette Widmann-Mauz warned the people in Germany, to develop more awareness of racial discrimination. “Racism in Germany – at school, on the street, at work, in Bus and train, in the circle of friends,” said the CDU politician of the Newspapers of the Funke media group. This must be recognized, named, and in all areas of combat. Racism was the ideological breeding ground for extreme right-wing violence, she warned.

insults and discrimination of people because of their skin color, are distributed according to the experience of the Federal anti-discrimination Agency in Germany. “Discrimination is an everyday phenomenon. I can say from our experience“, – said the acting head of Bernhard Franke, the German press Agency. “For us, it has been around since 2006, and we have obtained approximately 28 000 requests since then.” That’s not talk, that it is a matter of individual cases.

racism demonstrations in Germany: 4500 people to go in Hamburg, on the road

On Friday in Hamburg for about 4500 people in front of the U.S. Consulate on the Alster shore, against racism and police violence demonstrated – were announced only 250. The rally was still run trouble-free, said a police spokesman after the completion. Also, participants spoke of a colourful and peaceful rally.

On Saturday in Raeford, in the state of North Carolina yet another funeral service for Floyd, on Tuesday, he will be in Houston, Texas beige. Floyd died on Monday of last week during an arrest in Minneapolis. A white police officer had pressed his knee almost nine minutes in the back of the neck of the lying on the floor Floyd – in spite of all the entreaties of the 46-Year-old, for him to breathe.

death of George Floyd: Berlin country’s anti-discrimination law

On Thursday, the Berlin Senate had adopted as the first state, a country anti-discrimination law. This is to protect people from discrimination in public administration and equal access to public services. Criticism of the law had given it, among other things, of the police Union.

In relation to the police Gyamerah said, in the face of misconduct in the past should not be entitled to discriminate, of course. A statement of the Federal interior Ministry, according to which racism in German authorities have already decided to fight against, calling it an “incredible insolence”.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump made a false statement to George Floyd, and the unemployment rate for indignation.*


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