Will go by train even cheaper? This is not yet decided. But the passengers should have some of the tax cut. A large discount as to the beginning of the year, it will not be but.

Berlin (Reuters) – customers of the Deutsche Bahn are set to benefit from the planned temporary reduction in VAT. “We check with high-pressure, and in what Form we can give, such as the VAT reduction on to the customers,” said DB Board member Ronald Pofalla. This is not a question of Whether. The Details he left open, however.

The railway lobby Association pro-Rail Alliance has dampened the expectations: “The lowering of the reduced VAT rate of seven percent to five percent, will feel the train hardly.”

To the beginning of the year the travel had fallen to prices in the long-distance transport by ten percent. The track was credited to a VAT reduction in one-to-one on the ticket prices. Initially, the group had also considered a part of the money they have saved to invest in service improvements.

the Corona-crisis, stimulate the economy, want to the black-red coalition to reduce VAT temporarily. The reduced rate also applies to train tickets, is to be reduced from July to December, from seven to five percent.

in addition, five billion euros as a Corona-aid flow into the equity of the state group. The countries receive an extra 2.5 billion euros for buses and trains in Regional and local transport.

As they also have high losses in the sale of tickets, the offer at the height of the Corona-crisis, but for the most part, upright. The Association of German transport companies estimated the losses of five billion euros by the end of the year. The countries would have to give ready to be 2.5 billion Euro.

The rail industry, welcomed the aid for the Rail. Because the manufacturer of rails, control systems and trains in the hope that the cash injection you something important. “We don’t skimp on the investment,” assured the railway infrastructure management Board Pofalla.

the Background is that the Federal government and the railway expects to return for the Corona-help: you will save in the next few years, to 5.1 billion euros.

maintains that in this year the record sum of around € 12.2 billion is spent on the infrastructure, – said Pofalla. The group’s objective is to redevelop the partially ailing network until 2030.

“The wind from the back by the policy not to be”, commented Pofalla, the coalition decision. The competitors of the state group see it differently. The government have not understood that the Rail was only made up of Deutsche Bahn, criticized the rail freight Association, network of European Railways.

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