in The first case, there was already in March. Large-scale Tests, there was only a month later. Result: 81 Infected. Now the company has once again made concessions.

Update vom 25. May 2020: +++19 new Corona cases+++

Poing – After Tests at Schustermann and Borenstein there are 19 other Corona infections. Thus, there is a total of 100 reported infections since the outbreak of the pandemic. The district office informed in Ebersberg today.

In the case of smear-actions on 7. and 14. In may, eight employees were tested positive for the Virus. In the case of smears on the 18. May was found in three persons, the Coronavirus. In night and evening shift, no positive cases were encountered. The district office speaks of a successful concept: “The jointly developed hygiene concept works”.

In the weeks before that, a total of 81 people were tested positive for the Virus. The first case, there was already in March. That the employees have is in the operation, kept the company at the time, “unlikely”.

Update from the 12. May 2020

Poing – On Thursday there are further large-scale Tests at Schustermann and Borenstein. Yesterday, newly hired employees and employees returning from leave have been examined, inform the district office.

On Thursday then it should be a great smear campaign of the company. “The employees of all layers should be investigated,” the circle of authority.

article 6. May 2020

Poing – In the logistics centre of the clothing company Schustermann and Borenstein in Poing recently, 62 people have been positive for the Coronavirus tested. In large Tests, 903 members of staff were checked. Corona has Infected it in the logistics centre much earlier, as a Search of the registration date shows.

The first Corona case, the company had already on 29. March, the health authority reported. “In the first weeks, there have been only isolated cases,” according to a spokesman for the company on demand. As the number of Infected in the double digits and the spacing between the contagions were shorter, should be tested all employees. The smears found on 25. and 27. April, nearly a month after the first case was reported. Results: A Total Of 81 Infections. Of the operation sent all the Corona-Infected consistently home.

Schustermann and Borenstein: employee is not in operation

the employees is in operation, the company deems “unlikely.” The company have taken the pandemic “from the beginning, very seriously”. The district office shall notify, in contrast, “The Virus must have entered from the outside.”

A cab driver wants to on 14. April also saw at least 20 employees without a minimum distance to the Smoking rod stood in front of the building. Schustermann and Borenstein does not respond to the allegation. The company refers to the distance concept.

authority informed the Bavarian state office on 23. April

Also on the time of the first Corona-If the district office is the company divided. “On the 09. April have been two known cases,“ according to a spokeswoman for the circle of authority. The authority informed the Bavarian state office on may 15. April.

the Extent to which potential infection of employees chains were able to be tracked, do not notify the district office. Routes of infection can be difficult to followed: The Infected come from all the adjacent counties, plus the counties of Freising, Miesbach, Fürstenfeldbruck and Dachau. A lot of employees come with the S-Bahn to work.

Weekly smears, half of the workforce, measurement of body temperature

The logistics center zuzusperren – like floor dorfer automotive supplier Webasto keeps the district office for not necessary. Weekly smears, half of the workforce, measurement of the body temperature: There were now “far reaching measures”.

to the utilization of The diagnostic centre in Ebersberg is the capacity, only a quarter. To smears for employees, companies would have to take care of but yourself, as well as pay.

The most important developments for the corona crisis in the district of Ebersberg there are here!