A former FC Bayern coach than Graffiti? In Munich, exactly, is see now in the city due to the protest a controversial topic, the Corona was caused is.

The Coronavirus dominated the life in Munich. The League has been running for several weeks – the Protest against the spirit of the games continues to be loud. At several places in Munich now graffiti have been spotted, the coaches show, an Ex-FC Bayern and clear against a Corona preset position.

Munich – The Coronavirus is still present everywhere. Even if life in the city of returns slowly , shops re-open, beer will be allowed to receive gardens guests* or, for example, baths are* allowed to open – much is still not (yet) possible. Similarly for the football League in Germany: The Ball is rolling again – with the “Corona” operation has to do but not too much. At several places in Munich now, graffiti were found , which approach the topic in a very special way. Also in Munich’s University district, there was already a mess with a very special content*.

Munich: Graffiti with Ex-Bayern coach anywhere in the city, Obscene gesture, irritated

FC Bayern* seems to be of the pandemic adversity do not disturb – completely unexcited at the Munich games, recently against the werkself from Leverkusen your boots down and go straight to the 30. The club championship. The spirit of the games* have, however, smacks, until today, for many a thread, the criticism, especially from the Fan-scenes is further according to .

München: Bundesliga-Protest? Ex-Bayern coach painted in Munich

In Munich is shown a Form of protest in a very special way. No less than Ex-Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti is on the house-facades of sprayed – coupled with unequivocal words: “lesson that we should learn: mind games Vaffanculo !” under a picture posted that shows the Italian Star Trainer a-well – a little vulgar gesture. A clear stance to the Playing without spectators .

+ Ex FC-Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti is seen in different locations – with a unique Pose.©Private

Munich: Corona-Protest with Ex-Bayern coach? Ancelotti with a vulgar gesture

The striking Graffiti was last spotted in the FC Bayern-Campus , where the professionals since the Corona-trained Restart intermittently, such as ran.de reported. There “welcomed” Ancelotti his old team from a concrete block. By whom the Graffiti comes from is not clear – presumably it is, however, a Fan-grouping to assign. Also, the gesture, the showing of the Italians, is a Moment, at least in Public, not to assign. The Ancelotti-Graffiti is seen in several places in the city, such as the Herzog-Ernst-Platz , the Max-Friedlaender-Bogen at the hacker bridge, or in the Poccistraße .

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