The Whitsun holidays in some States and in some can be due to the public holiday corpus Christi for a long weekend to implement. The tracks for traffic jams on the car?

Berlin/Munich (dpa/tmn) – a Lot of operation – so you have to expect some if you next weekend (12. to 14. June) on the highway want. However, it can be according to Auto Club Europe and ADAC from the middle of the week lively.

In some länder, such as Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia or Rhineland-Palatinate, is the feast of corpus Christi on Thursday (11.June) a legal holiday. If you take a long weekend on Friday, starts at times on Wednesday afternoon to the extended weekend. This also applies to Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, where also the Pentecost holiday ends.

This holiday returnees the return journey routes from the North, so the ACE fill especially. The ADAC expects the peak in the second half of the week, especially on Saturday (13. June) and is called the congestion priorities in the South of Germany and on the routes in the direction of the North. On Sunday, many short trips back then, especially in southern roads and the car in the congested lanes filled rooms.

the ADAC sees the traffic as “temporarily lively” before, and both Clubs call lines, with the risk of traffic Jams, however, with the exception of site-related shortages or due to accidents caused by malfunctions of the ACE feared, at least not “long traffic jams”, and expects an overall low traffic volumes

in addition to the trunk roads in the direction of the North sea and the Baltic sea, the ADAC is expecting on the following routes in both directions with the risk of traffic Jams:

A 1 Köln – Dortmund – Bremen – LübeckA 1/A 3/A 4 Cologne RingA 2 Dortmund – Hanover – BerlinA 3 Passau – Nürnberg – Würzburg – Frankfurt – KölnA 4 Erfurt – Dresden – GörlitzA 5 Basel – Karlsruhe – Frankfurt – had – Bacher DreieckA 6 Mannheim – Heilbronn – NürnbergA 7 Hamburg – Flensburg and Füssen/Reutte – Ulm – Würzburg – Hanover, Vera 8 Salzburg – Munich – Stuttgart – KarlsruheA 9 Berlin – Nuremberg – MünchenA 10 Berlin RingA 24 Berlin – HamburgA 61 Mönchengladbach – Koblenz LudwigshafenA 81 Stuttgart – SingenA 93 Inntal triangle KufsteinA 95 Munich – Garmisch-Partenkirchen, kirchena 96 Munich – LindauA 99 by-pass Munich

traffic forecast of the ACE

traffic forecast of the ADAC