The most beautiful lakes in the state of Hesse: Edersee (image: Pixabay/Marian Feiler)

The Edersee is located in the nature reserve Kellerwald-Edersee, directly on the North Hessian Waldeck-Frankenberg. The lake is 1200 acres in size. You can reach the lake by car via the A5, the A7 and A44.

  • Who is liked to swim alone, and has here the possibility to the nearly 70 miles of shoreline area, all of which are freely accessible for everyone, be cookies.

  • anyone Who has when bathing like people, can go to the beach Waldeck, in the North of the lake.

  • On the lake are sailing, Surfing, water skiing, and diving permitted.

  • A dog beach there as well.


The Aartalsee is, with its 83 hectares, the second largest lake in the state of Hesse. It is located in the upper part of the AAR-valley and borders on the communities of Hohenahr and Bischoffen. From Marburg you need on the B255, or on the B3, just 40 minutes to the waters. By pouring out the fastest way is through the L3047.

  • here, you will find a sandy beach and extensive lawns.

  • for lovers of water sports there are numerous possibilities, the only motorized water vehicles are not permitted.

  • anglers also get their money: you may not catch a lot of lake fish.

  • Very nice, the trail that leads around the lake (for Biking and Inline skating is suitable).


The Twistesee is just like the Edersee in Waldeck-Frankenberg district. The lake covered an area of about 76 hectares. From Kassel, you need with the car about 45 minutes (on the A44), to go to the Twistesee.

  • For “active leisure” is there a Golf course, a mini Golf course and even a waterskiing centre. Who is with a canoe or pedal boat on the road, is also in the right place.

  • Close to the meadows, there are also volleyball fields and children’s playgrounds (including Slides, climbing frames, etc.) spent.

  • Who wants to take his four-legged friends, takes place on the North-Eastern shore of the lake, a dog beach.

Langener Waldsee (image: Pixabay/Olle August)

in front of the Frankfurt gates of the Longer-lasting Waldsee is located Directly. This is with its 58 hectares the largest lake in the Rhine-Main area. On the B44, you need by car about 25 minutes to get to the Longer Waldsee.

  • The South of the lake is left entirely to nature. The North is used as a bathing and recreation area.

  • you will find here a almost a kilometre long sand beach and a lawn for sunbathing as well as plenty of space for Surfing, fishing and also Camping.

  • A small minus point for dog owners: not four-legged friends are permitted on the entire site.

lake bird

From Darmstadt, you need just 30 minutes by car via the B26 to come to the lake bird. This is located in the community of Trebur in the district of GroƟ-Gerau. Its not even 4 hectares in size it is the smallest of the featured lakes.

  • There are sanitary facilities, Changing rooms and a small Snack (for the physical Well-being is taken care of).

  • you’ll find two beaches with sunbathing areas and a separate non-swimmer area.

  • In summer, you can rent here boats.

In the next article, we will give you five tips on how you people at the lake where appropriate, can save lives.

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