a second wave of Coronavirus to prevent infections. “We all want to return as soon as possible back to normal. But this can not go at the expense of people’s lives,“ said interior Minister Priti Patel on Monday. The measure applies to all travellers using air, rail or ferry.

The new regulations apply to companies from the travel industry to severe criticism. Before all the airlines go to the barricades. Even in the conservative ruling party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, there is considerable discontent with the regime. A government spokesman confirmed that there are Considerations, the Quarantine requirement for individual lift goals.

exceptions to the mandatory Quarantine in the UK

Passengers will now have to leave at the border, your address and contact information. Who is not adhering to the 14-day requirement to self-isolation, you must expect a high fine. The Quarantine requirement for all people entering the country, regardless of their citizenship. Except for only a few occupational groups such as truck drivers, medical staff and harvest workers as well as travelers from Ireland, the Isle of Man and the channel Islands.

The 14-day self-isolation was “premature and not feasible,” criticized the campaign to Quash the Quarantine. Your 500 travel companies for more information. “This is not practical, ill-conceived and economically harmful government policies, there are more holes than in a sieve,” – quoted by the “Telegraph”, the Deputy head of the campaign, Paul Charles. Also, Airlines such as British Airways had complained already about the scheme. They fear further losses.

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Johnson is seeking loopholes

Premier Boris Johnson wants to deal according to media reports, with “air bridges” the quarantine measures for many passengers. Accordingly, passengers in your entry not in self-isolation, if you come from a country with a low risk of infection. According to Johnson, this is the best strategy to keep the Virus in check and allow at the same time, the travel again. Perhaps the scheme is introduced according to the Reports, in July.

The government in London and because of their handling of the Coronavirus pandemic since few months in the criticism. You will be accused of too late and wrong to the pandemic is not responding. In no other country in Europe, so far as many fatalities as in the United Kingdom. There are more than 40 000 people have died so far after they were positive in the Coronavirus tested. Experts anticipate a high number of unreported cases. “You’re a bastard!”: Passers-by to berate anglers to giant fishing bad FOCUS Online/Wochit “You’re a bastard!”: Passers-by to berate anglers to giant-fishing evil

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