in Spite of the Coronavirus-crisis, you do not need to abandon the holiday. The most popular travel destinations in Germany during the Corona pandemic.

The holiday in summer or fall 2020 , despite the Coronaviru s possible. These are the most popular destinations in USA during Corona time . Only a goal from the North Rhine-Westphalia is – in addition, there are big Surprises.

Dortmund – While the numbers of the Coronavirus fall, temperatures rise. And for many people the hope of a holiday in the summer or fall 2020 that may be possible within Germany , as* reported to grow. However, according to what travel the German have been looking for targets while the Corona time at Google ? And as the state of NRW cut off?



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most Popular travel destinations in Germany: Baltic sea, defies the Coronavirus and # 1

listed is The price comparison site has the most popular destinations . While many travelers may not be surprised about the winner, maybe even follow the big Surprises in other places. Some thought certain destinations do not occur at all (all of the articles from the Service Department of*).

The Baltic sea is the nearly one Million search queries in the Coronavirus-time the most popular destination for the Germans . No wonder: The inland sea as the bathtub of Germany and is in contrast to the North sea in many places, quiet and so family friendly.

The Northern Federal States of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the past few weeks, some of the adopted relaxations. Since the 18th century. May the entry in the Federal state of Schleswig is allowed-Holstein again. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are allowed to open since then, even Hotels. However, crisis, in spite of all the relaxations of the Baltic sea important rules* shall continue to apply in the Corona.

most Popular travel destinations in the Coronavirus-crisis: resin on the second place

Surprisingly, the second place of resin comes . The Central mountain region is a true Paradise for friends of nature and hikers . No one less than Germany’s flagship author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has helped this Region with its sealing art to prominence.

The resin , with nearly 1,140 metres high mountain, the Brocken, and the attractive towns of Quedlinburg and Wernigerode, just 805.000 people searched last month in Google.

Coronavirus-crisis and holidays: the black forest make it to the podium

Not on the North sea, not of upper Bavaria and the Ruhr area: On the third place the most popular destinations in the Coronavirus-crisis follows the black forest . A total of 6,000 square kilometres of the black forest from spreading in the state of Baden-Württemberg and is just as necessary as the resin, as the El Dorado for hikers, nature lovers and Outdoor enthusiasts.

+ Coronavirus: holiday in Germany – the most popular destinations in the black forest©Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa

Who’s up for a Trip to a city that is in Freiburg will find it. The black forest won the third place of the most popular destinations in Germany, with of 635,000 searches.

Coronavirus-crisis and holidays: a Lot of nature and a little city – most popular travel destinations in Germany 2020

But what destinations follow the other places? And there is also a destination in NRW ?

4. Chiemgau – Over 600,000 Searches A 5. Erzgebirge – 576.000 6. North sea – 572.000 7. Constance – 502.000 8. Eifel – of 282,000 9. Allgäu – 262.000 10. Rhön – 345.000

The Eifel , located in the southwest of NRW , it stretches about 5,300 square kilometres in the direction of the Rhineland-Palatinate as well as Belgium and Luxembourg, and is considered the Central mountains.

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Neither Cologne and Düsseldorf in the Rhineland the industrial culture of the Ruhr area can claim in the list of the most popular destinations. More Surprises is the Lack of the two biggest cities in Germany – Hamburg and Berlin are with security.

holiday in the Coronavirus-time: traveling in Germany, probably – but Spain, too, might work

The holiday in the Coronavirus-crisis is associated with numerous limitations. Despite the easing the trip in the summer and autumn of 2020 will not be with the vacation from the previous years comparable. On a holiday in Germany can set the people.

Possibly even trips to other European countries such as Spain will be in the Corona-time* possible.

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