the holiday on The Baltic sea and the North sea, in spite of the Coronavirus again. These rules shall apply.

In the Coronavirus pandemic have opened all the länder for the tourist . Each land has a different limitations and rules apply . Particularly on the Islands of the North sea and Baltic sea limitations apply.

Dortmund to spend Who had already made his peace with a heavy heart the summer holidays 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic* on your own balcony instead of the sea, you should quickly start packing (more about the Coronavirus pandemic in the NRW-Live-Ticker*). Especially in Germany , it is almost everywhere possible to take a vacation, reported*.




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Whether to sea or mountain to foreign or prefer to be inside Germany – it is now for every re – “vacation as desired” possible*. Those who opt for a holiday on the German coast soon notices that In every state, different rules apply.

But what are the rules for tourists are in the Federal States of North and Baltic sea , exactly? We will explain what are the restrictions on travel within Germany are subject to in each of the länder* in the Coronavirus pandemic – and what is already possible.

holiday by the sea, in spite of Coronavirus: waves, Sand, and fresh sea air

In USA may happen to tourists the inner-German borders again, but for some of the Islands there are still limitations. And not all recreational facilities are opened again.

when In doubt, should all the leisure the consumer advises over the phone or on the website of accommodation , restaurants and leisure providers back assure, whether or not actually re-open, Central NRW.

holiday 2020: these are the rules of the individual Federal States on the North sea and Baltic sea

lower Saxony : you may enter In the state of the North sea each one again. However, this does not apply to the Islands off the coast. For bookings of less than a week or for tourists , each municipality decides for itself, whether the trip is permitted.

campgrounds , Hotels, and youth are open to hostels again, but you must meet some requirements. For example, you must not allow up to the maximum capacity bookings. the apartments or -houses may only be in the 7-day rhythm rents.

holidays on Germany’s coast: amusement parks and Restaurants – much, again

Zoos amusement parks , spas and Restaurants have opened re-opened. Here, too, requirements for the operator and guests will apply. Restaurant visitors have, for example, leave your contact details .

+ summer, sun and sea holiday on the Baltic sea, in spite of Coronavirus soon possible.©Stefan Sauer/dpa

Mecklenburg Western Pomerania : holiday makers from Germany be allowed to re-enter, unless you have a accommodation have booked. Day-trippers are excluded from the entry .

campsites, Hotels and youth are allowed to open hostels under reduced capacity.

Much of it has re-opened: Restaurants , shops, amusement parks, and swimming pools. In Restaurants and shops, the Mouth guard-mandatory applies .

vacation in the summer by the sea: are the resorts open and they are welcome to stay

Schleswig-Holstein : everyone can enter, all of the restrictions since the 18th century. May be repealed. Particularly highly frequented seaside resorts and also certain Islands are temporarily closed for tourists – for example on holidays.

Hotels, campsites, apartments , holiday homes, tourists everywhere have the opportunity to book again. Also Restaurants have opened.

amusement parks, swimming, outdoor and fun swimming pools are closed against it. With the exception of the natural and resorts .

holidays abroad: Italy as a pioneer, France and co. to follow

For travel want to apply abroad for the time being continue to a travel warning from the Federal government. Also, if some of the borders are already open again. The warning applies to 14. June . Afterwards, Germany wants to lift its travel warning for the countries of the EU and some other countries. Travel to France , Austria or Greece are back in.

And now are traveling abroad – to a limited extent – possible: Estonia, Italy*, Croatia , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Portugal , Sweden, Slovenia, Spain (Mallorca) have opened the borders.*

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