the 1. The high rhöner – 180 kilometers from Bavaria Hesse to Thuringia

He is one of the most popular and most beautiful long-distance Hiking trails in Germany and was already awarded in 2010 by the wall magazine as such: the high rhöner that leads through the biosphere reserve Rhön in Bavaria, Hesse and Thuringia. Anyone who embarks on the nearly 180-Kilometer-long route starts in the Bavarian Spa town of Bad Kissingen, and wanders over the Hessian Gersfeld to the brine Spa resort of Bad Salzungen in Thuringia, or Vice versa.

/iStockphoto/Fotofreak75 of The high rhön-distance Hiking trail that leads to 11 stages and 180 km through the Rhön mountains

Overall, it can be the way into eleven stages, each of which passes mainly through wooded regions, green valleys and small lakes of the Rhön mountains. The highest elevation of 950 meters high mount wasserkuppe in Hessen, from where many of the glider pilots start in the sky. In the immediate vicinity of the Red bog, a fabulously beautiful nature reserve as well as the largest high moor in the state of Hesse, which is partially crossed on webs of lies.

Another Highlight on the track: the Franciscan monastery on the Kreuzberg, a well-known pilgrimage spot, the not least because of the fresh brewed beer is great popularity.

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2. The Eifel The Eifel is part of the dough – About 300 kilometers by volcanic landscapes

the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Republic. Under the Motto “Where Rock and water accompany You” hikers can complete on the 313-kilometre-long route, the so-called Eifel dough. Divided into 15 stages, this is from Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia up to Trier in the Rhineland-Palatinate.

/iStockphoto/Daniel_Keuck One of the last bogs of Europe in the High Fens

especially the diversity of the landscape Wanderer thrilled in this way: the surrounding of the Rurtal, with its rock falls and reservoirs, with the cones and MAARS of the lush green volcanic Eifel region, the river runs from Lieser and Kyll to the colorful Sandstone cliffs to the North of Trier. A special feature of these sections, leading through the moorland of the High fens, one of the last raised bog landscapes in Europe.

More features: The millstone caves of Gerolstein and the Butzer valley, with its water runs over the various suspension bridges, as well as the monastery of Himmerod in the Salm valley, with its imposing Baroque Church.

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3. The Mosel dough – 365 km through the wine-culture of the country

vineyards, wine villages and the Glitter of the Moselle river in the sun – this 365-Kilometer-long path hikers offers the opportunity to explore this picturesque cultural landscape in the West of the Republic. With different levels of difficulty from easy to difficult, and 24 stages, with lengths of between 11 to 24 kilometres, it runs Perl on the upper Moselle to Koblenz, where Rhine and Mosel flow together. /iStockphoto/Christiane Schwerin, the Picturesque Idyll of the Moselle

Where hikers happen not only so picturesque Moselle towns such as Bernkastel-Kues, with its centuries-old half-timbered houses and the castle ruins, high above the old town is perched, but also Germany’s oldest town of Trier. It was founded 2000 years ago by the Romans, and buildings from this period such as the Porta Nigra and the amphitheatre.

Other highlights on the route: the height of Eltz castle in the valley of the ELZ, the Bremmer Calmont, which with an altitude of 380 meters and a slope of 68 degrees as the steepest vineyard in Europe, as well as the fortress ruins Mont-Royal, the sun king, Louis XIV began in 1687 by his master Builder, Vauban, on a Peninsula, the mountain above the town of Traben for his troops to build.

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4. The 66 lakes trail: 400 cosy kilometres without a gradient

He is a long time, but to deal with thanks to the mainly flat route well – the 66 lakes trail is ideal for beginners and families who want to simply walk comfortably, without sweaty climbs. The Start and end point of this Tour, which runs with its 17 stages of Brandenburg is Potsdam. A circular route so that leads to the Federal capital, Berlin, around.

/iStockphoto/typo-graphics, The wonderful river and lakes of Brandenburg hikers

enchanted Here, everything revolves around the magical water, river and seascapes that characterize this Region of the Havel and the Havel channel on monk and Boddensee to the Herrensee lake with its small island. On the 5. Stage between wensicken village and Melchow come by hikers to eight lakes: the pride of Hagen lake, the lake for a while, and Holy Three, kerchiefs also, rainbow, Lipnitz, top and Hellsee. Bathing suits belong to the basic equipment on this Tour.

The beauty of the Route are, however, not only the waters, but also the many secluded forests and meadows with their lush Vegetation. Between Bad Saarow and Wendisch Rietz, there are also a few superlatives to marvel at: In Storkow one of the oldest cities of Brandenburg, is Germany’s largest inland dune with a height of 36 meters. Also, you come over here on the famous lake, with its length of ten kilometers, the largest lake in Brandenburg and thanks to the poet Theodor Fontane, the nickname of the March sea bears.

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5. The Jura dough: 230 kilometers through the Bavarian Jura

An ideal way for experienced hikers in the Jura dough, which leads to over 230 miles in 13 stages through the Bavarian Jura. Start and starting point of this tour Kehlheim on the Danube and the Altmühl. Directly from the pier leads up to the first stage through the old town towards the North and then through the shady beech woods on the Goldberg. Shortly before Kapfelberg a first fantastic view over the Danube valley with the “devil’s rock” in Bad Abbach.

/iStockphoto/Tinieder monastery Weltenburg at the Danube river – one of the oldest monasteries in Bavaria

But these are not the only highlights of this route: In the high castle, the last horseshoe bat colony of Germany – lives, the animals have an impressive wing span of up to 40 centimeters. Because they fly only at night to hunt over the fields, may be interested to visit some of the specimens of this species in prior message in the bat house.

A couple of stages more walkers come castle to the spectacular monastery in the World in the vicinity of the Danube gorge. In the year 620 ad by iroschott of monks, founded, it is considered the oldest monastery of Bavaria, with a magnificent of the Asambrüdern in the 18th century. Century built features Baroque Church. The landscape all around with the rocks and the gravel banks of the Danube make it one of the most beautiful sights in Bavaria.

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