In the Wake of the Corona-crisis has developed lights the Gräfelfinger company light office different UV-C. The “A-lumine”devices from killing by irradiation in a short time, Corona and other viruses as well as bacteria and fungi.

Gräfelfing– The small Gräfelfinger company “light-Kontor München” by Claudia Schmidt takes care of normally to the lighting design of commercial spaces such as gyms, medical practices and offices. Therefore, where the light is installed and which is the Mix of primary and secondary lighting is useful. “From brothels to sacred spaces I have taken care of me with all to play for. Also the lighting of the previous schrannen hall, as well as the lighting design of the way zones in the Gräfelfinger town hall come from us,“ says Schmidt. The flood lighting system of the TSV Gräfelfing and the stem of the sports field of the Kurt-Huber-gymnasium, the lighting of the Martin Rieder Obi-market, as well as the clubhouse of the plan, EGGER Hubertus-Protect also from Schmidt. Also, many banks, Hotels, and nurseries are among the customers of light office, which exists since 1993, and today its seat in the peace road.

the Corona-crisis began in mid-March, “went, of course, the orders for light plans close to Zero”, says Claudia Schmidt. To come to, as a company, due to the exceptional situation and to help in the fight against the Virus, thought Schmidt a new product range. Under the brand A-lumine the gräfelfi ngerin developed together with IT Partner Alexander Reichl lamps for irradiation with UV-C light. “The fact that UV-C rays kill viruses and bacteria, is known for a long time,” she says.

test in doctor’s office

to have a proof of this, the Gräfelfinger a try and gave it a further in the case of a Polish Institute. In the case of the own experimental distributed Schmidt in a Würmtaler physician practice, on a metal table evenly pus. A third of them remained as a reference value, unaffected, was cleaned with Sterilium, as well as from a distance of one Meter with a UV-C light irradiated. The result: In this case, the light irradiated facilities disabled were similar to the with Sterilium cleaned almost all of the bacteria colonies. The “Life Science Park”Institute in Krakow conducted on Schmidt’s behalf a similar experiment with various viruses, bacteria and fungi, including the new Coronavirus. The results were very similar (see box at left).

Schmidt and Reichl to implement the findings, then in its new product series. “A-lumine” includes UV-C lamps in different sizes and Designs for three – and four-digit amounts. A UVC meter, and protection glasses in the offer. The lamps can doctor, for example – and physiotherapy practices, gyms, offices and schools for disinfecting of waiting to use rooms and locker rooms, without the need for Sprays take. Not only surfaces, but also air can be disinfected. The decisive factor is always, from what distance and with what intensity is irradiated. “For us, it is also important that we advise all of the customers in detail, and our devices have a power on delay have not, since UV-C rays to the skin and eyes of light are harmless,” says Schmidt. A motion sensor ensures that can switch off the devices automatically. The lamps are manufactured by companies in Germany, Spain and Poland, and assembled. The Advisory and administration is carried out by Claudia Schmidt.

The lighting warehouse is not the only Gräfelfinger company that relies on light to combat the Coronavirus.