After several complaints have you only want to avoid false expectations, made it clear the hotel owner Angelika Hargesheimer from Cuxhaven. “The guests should be able to enjoy your stay,” she said on Friday of the German press Agency. Your remote sun to discriminate against people.

the hotel operator: “you have seen the design of chairs”

Radio Bremen had not explained that the Hotel is “fat people are welcome” and the owner of the hotel had commented in the report critical of Overweight. On the hotel Website it is called:

“for liability reasons, we suggest that the interior of people is not suitable for use with a body weight of more than 130 kg.”

The regional magazine “Buten and Binnen” had Hargesheimer said previously: “you have seen below, the design of chairs that are correct classics. If there is a Person of about 130 kilograms, sits on them, sitting with one buttock on and the chair does not take long.“ Hargesheimer wool but have “a Designer Hotel, so I would like to have beautiful furniture and not so oak brutal.”

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“… that I have to endure such a sight,”

the reason for the note on the home page was a broken hotel bed, in which an overweight guest slept. The man had sued for damages, you have agreed out of court, said Hargesheimer. Other overweight guests would not have criticized to fit in the shower of a boutique hotel with rather small rooms, or to sit in uncomfortable chairs in the Breakfast area.

Legally, the actions of the owner of the hotel is no discrimination. In the German anti-discrimination law, which intervenes in such cases, actually, is not Overweight mentioned. Hargesheimer said, “Without and Within” to: “So personally I find it discriminatory that I have to endure such a sight, to be honest.”

No big, no children, no Smoking in the North sea-design hotel

Hargesheimer does not see this as discrimination: “So personally I find it discriminatory that I have to endure such a sight, to be honest.” In addition to Overweight, no children are allowed in the Hotel, in addition, a Smoking ban is in place.

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