Against the Background of the Corona-pandemic Jens Spahn expressed concern because of the mass protests. Also, the SPD expert, Karl Lauterbach, reported to word.

According to the death by George Floyd* in the USA > tens of thousands of people also went in USA </strong on the road. Against the Background of the Corona-pandemic the Federal health Minister Jens Spahn criticized the demonstrations. Now, he triggered a political discussion on Corona rules and demonstrations . Also, the SPD-health politician Karl Lauterbach has taken a stance on this (see Update of 9. June, 7.14 PM).

Update from the 9. June, 7.20 PM: According to the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) is now also the SPD-health politician Karl Lauterbach critical to the current demonstrations in times of Corona-pandemic. Lauterbach has called for in light of the recent mass demonstrations for stricter rules to prevent a second Corona-shaft.

“Such demonstrations are a nail in the coffin for the still-existing rules ,” said the SPD politician of the daily mirror. By the loud chanting masses had been of aerosols in a confined space. According to Bach’s recommendation: “For the fight against the Virus, it would be better to demonstrate with placards and banners.” He stressed the right to demonstrate, practiced but sharp criticism of the process and the organization of the rallies: “far too many people, too few masks, to a little distance the ideal Super-Spreading Event !”

+ SPD-health politician Karl Lauterbach described the current Demos, as “the ideal Super-Spreading Event”.©dpa / Kay Nietfeld

Due to Corona: mass-make Demos health Minister Spahn Worries

first message from the 8. June:

Berlin – Federal Minister of health Jens Spahn has spoken out against the Background of the Corona pandemic worried that in the mass protests of “Black Lives Matter*”movement in USA often is the Corona-rules have been complied with. As the image reported, he said in the CDU Presidium meeting on Monday morning (8. June): “The confidence that we provide a pragmatic adherence to the rules of the game, has given us a high level of acceptance values. In this respect, the images of the tightly Packed Demos without distance devastating.“

Just the middle of in our country behave in relation to the Corona-rules are very disciplined and patient, although you have to bear special burdens. The people there were the the first to suffer, when others were too carefree. This is the case, for example, if schools do close, so Spahn.

Corona in Germany: Jens Spahn concerned about demonstrations – Federal government comments

government spokesman Steffen Seibert expressed according to image critical: “It must be possible to carry on such events masks and the minimum distance of 1.50 meters to comply with.” It was good, if also in USA against racism demonstrate. “The racism, we must oppose everywhere, also here with us,” said Seibert. “The images that came out for the part, but were not nice,” he said. Many of the protesters nothing of the observance of the Corona*had been to see the protection measures.

Corona in Germany: SPD Deputy chief Kevin Kühnert defended large-scale demonstrations against racism

SPD Deputy chief Kevin Kühnert, however, the has defended large-scale demonstrations against racism . “I think it’s inappropriate, the right to demonstrate, to restrict,” said Kühnert on Monday, RTL and ntv. “This can’t be the answer on a pandemic *.” Large rallies with thousands of participants at the weekend to be in the Moment “certainly,” admitted Kühnert. People should be able to have your say. Who go to demonstrations , which must be possible, must keep to the rules.


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