Two police officers in the state of Brandenburg have made a actually harmless to use to be a scandal – but for themselves.

The police will be in Brandenburg because of a drunken man, The police officers called in on the Drunken fun and films Against the police officers is now

Bad Belzig – In Brandenburg police were called to an apparently banal use, but in the end he ended proceedings with a View and determination. In the 11,000-strong community Bad Belzig in the vicinity of Potsdam they were ordered to a drunken pensioner. He harassed passers-by and a bottle in the direction of one man have thrown in the called the police.

A reason to make the 70-year-old Pöbler funny? Apparently, found the two police officers were sent to the stake.

Brandenburg: police movies Drunk

The police to the Drunk in Brandenburg have harassed. The police in Potsdam, according to one of the patrol officers accompanied the night to Sunday (07.06.2020) against 2 at the drunken man on foot and “apparently unduly harassed”. The second officials have the car “apparently from the step speed of the moving radio strip out with a phone the Situation is” filmed. “Both officials were apparently amused and laughed if the Scene”, told the police in Potsdam.

Brandenburg: police distribute Video of a drunken man

enough: The police from Brandenburg to have widely used the about one and a half minute Video then in a WhatsApp group. It was also to see how the officials Push the Drunk on the sidewalk “verbally and repeatedly” urge to make his way swiftly and without pause to continue. It should also be visible, like the policeman “a Kick in the direction of the buttocks of the Victim suggests, or is the man a Kick offset”. This was not because of the darkness, and the video quality.

police officers in Brandenburg, criminal charges

This string in the police to Brandenburg is not without consequences: Against officials criminal reports were made “on suspicion of insulting by degrading and ehrverletzendes have an Effect on the Victim” and disciplinary proceedings initiated. In addition, the Conduct of the official business until Further notice and banned them. The investigation has taken over the technical office of the Commissioner breaches in professional duties committed in the state office of criminal investigation (LKA) of Brandenburg.

ial with AFP

Also, the police are not immune to minor and major scandals in their own ranks. So extreme right-wing activities among officials are always known, such as, for example, in the case of a Frankfurt-based lawyer, who got apparently threatening letters by police officers*.

Also, in the case of the breitscheidplatz, the would-be assassin, the police are not bekleckerte with fame: two police officers from Berlin, should have more internals to the stop of 2016. A Ex-Girlfriends, one of AfD’s party friends.

In Mainz are noticed by police officers in a negative, as they themselves celebrated a Corona Party* in a Local.

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