WhatsApp-voice messages are convenient, but not always you can be undisturbed and listen to it. The free Android App “Transcriber” takes over and converts the messages to speech in text messages. Also, for iOS users, there are Apps, however, you are now subject to a fee.

WhatsApp: With these Apps, you can convert voice messages into texts

For Android users there is the free App Transcriber for WhatsApp. So that voice messages from different Messenger can services, in text convert, so you don’t have to listen to the news at all. There is no restriction on the length of the voice messages, you can also specify the quality of the voice messages should be processed if the Standard is bad or too slow. The App stores everything in history.

iPhone users have to pay for the Feature unfortunately. The formerly free Apps Textify and Audio in Text for WhatsApp are now both subject to payment. The Apps rely on the voice recognition function of Apple to transcribe the audio files.

expert: “Audio to Text for WhatsApp” to find a good choice

The consumer experts of the Chip: For iOS Audio to Text for WhatsApp is a good choice, will cost you, however, is now 1,99 Euro. The Translation worked out in a short Check amazingly well – the audio data will be evaluated with the speech-recognition service from Apple. So the conversion to Text works even without an active Internet connection. Also awesome: you can listen to a voice message directly in the App and in the process, the speed manually set in order to save time. Converting Voice Messages works not only with WhatsApp but also with other messengers, such as Signal Line. Image: Pixabay/CHIP With Audio in Text for WhatsApp convert Voice Messages into Text.

The operation of both Apps is simple: voice messages from WhatsApp using the button “split import” in the App, where they will immediately be converted. You can then read the resulting text message and copy it.

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