This leaves many parents with a bad feeling: Can I age my child, maybe still in elementary school, without supervision, can on the Internet? My children are allowed on Instagram or Snapchat? What Tik Tok is actually? Why does my child play only “Fortnite” or “Brawl Stars”? How much screen time the day is actually healthy? What is cyber bullying and Sexting are? But also: What are the amazing opportunities digital technology offers us in the family and in life?

The experienced digital trainer, Daniel Wolff (known from the radio & television) has as a former IT Journalist, and a correspondent in the Silicon Valley, high-school-teachers and University-is a University lecturer in this Webinar many of the answers: He parents an insight into the digital life-world of the children today. Many are amazed, surprised and want to after this one thing above all: talk to your kids! private Daniel Wolff.

the Following topics come to the language of:

  • “Now put that thing!” – My child spends too much time with the Smartphone? Can Put or Take away be a solution? What to do if you cannot leave the hands of the mobile phone?
  • The Smartphone as a “digital Swiss army knife”: it can be a great, educational and entertaining things to do, but to believe nonsensical and dangerous…
  • but true: New scientific findings on Digital media use of children.
  • Social Media 2020: Current Trends in the digital hell – and how will you help your child in the event of a case in there again.
  • when should my child have a Smartphone? When Wi-Fi? And from when on mobile Internet?
  • Let your kids alone: Why the right way of dealing with the Digital media is today an integral part of a successful family life.
  • in the digital budget: So you and your children can sleep better again!

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With a Smartphone in the Corona-crisis: how to protect your children on the Internet!

Tiktok, YouTube, and Gamble without end: Many children and adolescents spend since the start of the Corona-crisis even more time on the Internet. Digital coach Daniel Wolff explains in the Webinar on 15.06.20 from 19 to 20.15 PM, what are the dangers of the.

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in addition, Daniel Wolff, who will also respond to your questions. You can ask during the Webinar or to send. Take the Chance and take the time to make your family fit for the Internet.

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