The most expensive retirement home in Germany is Munich. A study by the economic research Institute Prognos in the order of a Initiative of German insurers. “The place of residence has a major influence on the standard of living and the prosperity of the age,” explained study author Heiko Burret. A decline in standard of living is threatened wherever the old-age income in relation to the regional price levels were very low.

Seven of the ten most expensive regions for pensioners in Bayern

Overall, compared to the institution the cost of living of retirees in 401 circles and circle-free cities in Germany. In particular, some regions in upper Bavaria are for pensioners very expensive: Behind the city of Munich, the districts of Munich and Starnberg are located on the Federal courts two and three.

a Total of Bavaria, seven of the Germany-wide ten most expensive regions: Miesbach follows on rank five and Dachau, Ebersberg, Fürstenfeldbruck on the nationwide places seven to nine. (Display)

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The further East, the more the pension

worth it at the same time, Grafenau in any other state, so large differences as in the free state: In the for seniors cheapest district of Bavaria, Freyung -, is the award of a pension by almost 49 percent more than in Munich.

in addition to Freyung-Grafenau count of Wunsiedel, Hof, Tirschenreuth and rain to the for pensioners cheapest counties in Bavaria – they are all located in the North-East. No wonder: The Region is adjacent to the new länder, and the cost of living for retirees are as low as anywhere else in Germany.

Landkreis Elbe-Elster is a Germany cheapest Region for pensioners

Of the municipal authorities in Eastern Germany have managed only the Brandenburg state capital of Potsdam and the German capital Berlin in the list of the 50 most expensive regions of Germany: Potsdam on course 38, Berlin is on place 44. However, life for pensioners is nowhere in Germany is as low as in the südbranden Burger Landkreis Elbe-Elster. Everything you know about your pension

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For Brandenburg is thus similar as for Bavaria: While the state capital is one of the expensive regions, the cost of living, according to the study, in other regions are comparatively cheap. So the price level is in addition to the district Elbe-Elster, for example, in the Spree-Neisse-Kreis and in the Prignitz district by more than ten percent lower than the national average.

When shopping for pensioners, Rent and health are particularly difficult to

regional differences are for pensioners, according to the Prognos is particularly high. The special, to the consumption behaviour of retired people customized shopping cart that was used for the study. In health games, for example, costs and Rent to a higher role of education is lower than in the classic shopping cart.

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