The owner of Uniper, N-Ergie, Mainova and Entega announced on Thursday the return of the power plant on the electricity market on 1. October. The improved market prices were “an economic operation of the high-efficient gas-fired power plant possible”. Also for the gas-fired power plant Irsching 4 this step will be prepared.

The two power plant units near Ingolstadt were gone 2010 (Irsching 5) and 2011 (Irsching 4) connected to the grid. By the end of March 2016 they ran in commercial operation. Because they could not be operated profitably, wanted to put the owner of the blocks will be temporarily closed, most recently until the end of September 2021. They had been prohibited. The power plant units would need to be kept as a Reserve ready.

the owners want the Situation to rate now every year

they are currently only used if the network needs to be based in southern Germany due to temporary bottlenecks. The display of the decommissioning have taken the owners now back. Power to tax? Save money now with a FOCUS on Online (screen), Now electricity prices

compare The owners want to assess the Situation from year to year, and its decision to revise in case of deterioration in market conditions. “Highly efficient and modern gas-fired power plants like Irsching 4 and 5 are suitable in principle, particularly well, to form a Foundation for the strongly fluctuating electricity generation from Wind and solar,” said Uniper-Board member David Bryson.

The remuneration for assured performance from ultra-modern gas-fired power plants in Germany is, in principle, continue to be inadequate, stressed the Irsching-operator. GAS price COMPARISON (display)

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