the new App is a new System that was made known by the Sonos in advance under the name Sonos S2. This is a new Generation of Sonos. Important: Have you changed once, there is no going Back. This can be detrimental to your Sonos system.

do you Remember the Trouble the Trade-Up program and the discussion of aufbleib the end of Software Updates, for example, for the Play:5 to the 1. Generation. With Sonos S2 the comes now to fruition. You have one of the following devices in your Sonos network, you should have the Update well consider: Zone Player, CR200, Bridge, Connect (Gen 1), Connect:Amp (Gen 1) and Play:5 (Gen 1). According to Sonos, these devices do not have enough memory or computing power for the S2-the future of Sonos.

What I need to do?

If you have none of the above devices, you can update. Skip then like this paragraph. You have one of the devices in operation, you have two options: Either you give a complete on S2. Your System remains up to date, still gets Bug and security Updates, and music Streaming-Updates when interfaces change. New Features, better Audio quality, and especially new products such as the Sonos Arc you but was denied.

Alternatively, you can disconnect your systems. The old boxes will work with the above restrictions, all of the other boxes to put you on S2. However, The systems are not compatible with each other, you lose the multi-room function and access between the systems. This is not a Problem if you use the S1 System anyway, for example, only in a room that is not already paired with the other. You need both Apps.

As a third, expensive option you can also, of course, your old speakers with new ones. By the way, the new System from Sonos also works with the Ikea-Symfonisk speakers.

So the switch to S2

you Have no outdated products in your Sonos network, you’re downloading the new App from the App Store. Then you put in your Sonos and the Sonos System starts to download a Firmware Update from the Internet. The new version number, 12.0 is installed after the Update. All of the music services, facilities, and other settings from the S1 System are now also available in S2 available and usable. After not even five minutes, you can use Sonos.

Sonos S2 and S1: these are the differences

In the first step, you will notice hardly any Changes between the systems. The surface looks similar, is also use, little has changed. Most important new feature: You can now multi-room groups, and so, for example, directly play music throughout the ground floor or in the complete open living-kitchen play to group instead of the speakers again and again individually. Unfortunately, it is not provided, still, that grouping by voice control.

Other improvements will see in the course of time. But the most important thing first: All of the Sonos products, which are introduced in the market, to be operated exclusively with the S2 Software and the new App. Sonos promises greater personalization and higher-resolution audio formats for music and home cinema. Other promised enhancements: improved audio bandwidth, as well as new features and optimizations of user-friendliness.

This article was written by Thorsten Neuhetzki

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