Like every year, Samsung also presents 2020 in the summer of its second flagship series. The Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra follow in the spring of launched S Smartphones. How the stars can stand out models from the now in the price fell sharply S-class? Is the S-Pen, the stylus, the only distinguishing feature?

if you Look at the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, you might think exactly that. Not only visually, the Note-models will follow the Galaxy S20, and S20 Ultra. In particular, the dominant camera bezel on the back generated in Parallel. Also the technical equipment has hardly any differences compared to the S models.

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Samsung new Smartphone models bad

you Look A 6.9 inch large AMOLED-Display with 120 Hz, 12 GB of memory, a 108-Megapixel main camera and Exynos 990 as processor: on the key features of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and compares them with those of the S20 Ultra, Samsung has changed nothing. For one thing, the touch 20 Ultra has become even worse. The battery capacity is reduced in comparison to the S20 Ultra 500 mAh on now-in 4500 mAh.

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The Galaxy Note 20, the same game. Same processor, 8 GB of RAM, identical camera equipment and 200 mAh less battery Power. Add to this: Although both Displays are available with 6.7 inches of the same size, the resolution of the newer model, with 1,080 x 2,400 pixels compared to the Galaxy S20+ (1.440 x 3,200 Pixel) is lower.

The only Highlight

so What is it that speaks for the Note models of Samsung? In the end, only the S-Pen. Yes, the Design is slightly different. The edges are flatter, the colors more serious and make the surface matt and velvety. Moreover, no more glass comes on the back of the Galaxy Note 20 to the application, but rather a plastic made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin. The Ultra Edition still has Gorilla Glass front and back. But basically, the pen is the only distinguishing characteristic, and therefore the only Highlight of the Galaxy Note 20, and its Ultra-strong cronies.

in Particular, because Samsung has overhauled the S-Pen compared to the previous generation. On the Galaxy Note, 20 Ultra, not the ultra Version – this is the delay time between the contact of the stylus with the Display and the detected input to 9 ms melted. Thus, the impression of writing with a ball point pen is to be reinforced on paper. In Note 20, however, the time is 26 ms.

market launch and prices

Both Note models want Samsung on 21. August in the trade. There will be multiple versions. The Galaxy Note 20, for example, with 256 GB of internal memory in a 4G and 5G variant. Price: 925, respectively 1.023 euros. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Samsung offers exclusively in a 5G Version. The price is for the 256 GB Version at 1,266 euros. Who would like to have 512 GB of memory, you must take into account 1.364 Euro.

This article was written by Blasius Kawalkowski

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